9 Simple Ways To Make Your Brand Stand Out From Competitors

  • 31st May 201831/05/2018
As a full-service agency Klyp helps clients, particularly within the trade and construction industry, stand out from their competitors. We have identified nine simple methods for effectively promoting your brand - even if you're a tradie operating as a one-man band!

Klyp's Top 3 Digital Technology Predictions for 2018

  • 30th January 201830/01/2018
The Klyp team reveals their predictions for the digital space in 2018. Discover how Machine Learning will inform Automation, the new applications for Blockchain technology and how quality video content will soon overtake static visuals.

User Experience Design: A Guide for Non-Designers

  • 19th December 201719/12/2017
If you are working in the Digital space, you most certainly would have heard the terminology User Experience (UX) Design in the past 18 months. Our in-house Designer has created this Overview for those wishing to get a greater understanding of this speciality field.

Google Forwarding Number: A Guide for Non-Developers

  • 18th December 201718/12/2017
The technical side of the Google Forwarding Number option explained. Discover how phone calls made from your AdWords advert can be tracked, so you know if you are getting bang for your buck!

Must-Follow Tips from Developers for Creating Your First WordPress Website

  • 18th July 201718/07/2017
As with many things in life, in building a website, you learn a lot of things by doing. Knowing what mistakes to avoid or best methods for speeding up the development process, unfortunately, come in retrospect. That's why our resident developer has used thousands of hours of his website development experience to put together a few useful tips and advice to help anyone starting their first WordPress website.

Accessibility or Usability? Subtle Differences That Make a Big Impact

  • 23rd June 201723/06/2017
People are often confused about the difference between usability and accessibility, and while the concepts are related, it's the subtle differences between the two that turn a piece of content from something that can be consumed by most, to something that can be enjoyed by all.

Integrating Marketing into Web Design & Development to Increase ROI

  • 12th June 201712/06/2017
A new website can be a great asset, presenting an opportunity to create a better user experience, increase conversions, and provide a more effective way to engage with your customers. To actually pull this off, however, the website's development process needs to integrate marketing into its design and development stages to maximise the website's full value and effectiveness.