The Long Road of Consistent Change

The long road of consistent change… or as we Klypsters like to say, “nothing is static”.

I am going to start with a disclaimer, I am by no means a regular blogger or writer. That being said, after some reflection over the holiday period I just could not resist sharing some goals that Klyp has set and achieved over the years that I am extremely proud of.

Before we delve into it, let me set the scene for you. Each year Klyp sets one major and three minor improvements or goals to focus on. We have seen mixed success in achieving these goals and at times it has felt like we have been travelling three steps forwards and two steps backwards.

This being said, slow growth is better than no growth and it has allowed us to learn from our failures and taught us how to turn them into successes. The changes that we have made and the challenges that we have been through have set us up for this financial year to be our best one yet. To say that we have hit the ground running this year is an understatement.

The past couple of years have been particularly crazy. The volatile economic climate in conjunction with some hard decisions have meant that we have had to perform under immense pressure and overcome many hurdles. If you’re wondering how we did this and what the goals and outcomes were, keep reading, the best part is yet to come!

2014-2015 Goal - Change the Company Structure

Three years ago our major goal was to move from a very flat organisational structure, to one with middle management. The idea was to create accountability within each of the three strategic business units within Klyp, allowing each member of the team to take ownership of their clients and tasks, with clear lines of reporting.

In fact, it caused many issues. The ownership of tasks and accountability of our team was altered, causing a strain on internal relationships and processes. This significantly altered the internal culture. We lost quite a few good staff through this transition process and it was a tough period for a lot of us. It was difficult at times to be a part of the business, until the changes were accepted and became the norm.

Ever since that decision though, our company goals have all centered around the flow on effects that were caused by changing our organisational structure. I am so proud of the team we have now. They have been open and accepting of change, sticking through the hard times to allow us to grow and scale.

I might be a little biased, but I believe that our culture is also back to its former glory and we have lots of amazing Klypsters that are happy to be here. This is constantly reflected in the production of award winning work that we do for our clients and the Klyp culture.

If you are interested in the end result, you can see an outline of our organisational structure below.

Klyp's Company Structure

2015-2016 Goal - Simplify and Automate “The Process”

I have run Klyp (Formerly QMG/Queensland Media Group) for over 14 years now and we have what’s known as “The Process”. It has taken many forms over the years, from a 100 page word document to different project management systems and reporting tools - all of which were overly complex and really just created confusion.

After the change in our structure we had to focus on our internal processes. This meant streamlining anything from lead generation, marketing and sales, all the way through to delivery, support and retention of our clients. We evaluated many models, finally settling with a gated agile approach to the way in which we deliver work to our clients.

To achieve this new model, a change in our management platforms was required. We went on an extensive hunt for a platform or a few connected platforms that would talk nicely together to manage our scheduling, time sheets, project management, documentation, reporting and deployments. There was only one that could tick all of these boxes, which was Atlassian. The Atlassian suite of products was implemented and configured to the exact requirements of “The Process”.

If anyone has had to go through a digital transformation or change in core business software, then you will know how much pressure it puts on the organisation. Furthermore, the frustration and time needed to get the systems to be fully integrated into the business can be an extremely long and tedious process.

I am so thankful for the team we have as they all rose to the challenge and rolled up their sleeves to tweak, configure, implement and customise Atlassian within six months.

Project Discovery stages

Delivery Stages of our Development projects

Delivery Stages of our Development projects

Delivery Stages of our Marketing projects

2016-2017 Goal - Focus on Growing Our “Sales” Channels

Klyp has been fortunate enough that the growth we have had over the years has been quite organic and primarily focused on referrals and word of mouth. Due to the large investment we have made in regards to time, resources and money to implement the change in structure and process, this year we want to put all of this to the test.

So far this year we have been focusing on our own sales and marketing and it is evident how smooth everything is running now. It is great to see the ratio of results to work and effert increasing, which is a fantastic feeling. What an exciting time it is turning out to be for the Klypster family, as we put everything we have done over the past two and a half years through its paces.

We have a clear focus on finding, attracting and keeping the wonderful clients in our core areas of Government, retail, education and professional services. How are we achieving this? Through the following areas:

  • Referral & word of mouth programs
  • Digital marketing (SEO, SEM, display, social and re-marketing)
  • Email & SMS campaigns
  • We will be running an exciting campaign and competition starting in April
  • Collaborations with other agencies
  • And most importantly continuing to work closely with our clients to produce outstanding products, solutions and results each and every day.

Services provided by Klyp

It is because of everyone past and present (thanks to all of you) that we are looking at having our best year yet, not only financially but our stress levels are down and our work life balance is pretty damn good too!

If you would like to get in touch with the team that made this all possible, shoot us an email to!

About the author:
Chris Byrnes is Managing Director of Klyp (Brisbane), focusing on product development and business growth. He also lectures casually at Southbank Institute of Technology to help shape the next round of up and coming digital marketers. Technology and the digital world is his passion, fast cars are his release. Follow Chris' updates on Twitter and Google+