Social Media - What, When And Who?

active social media users worldwide

Today, there are 7.14 billion people in the world, of this 2.31 billion are active social media users - thats 31% of the worlds' population!

If you had any doubt about the power and reach of social media, those figures should probably convince you otherwise.

Over the past year social has changed considerably and in the coming year the landscape of social media will continue to grow, platforms will gain momentum and others will drop off over time - lets have a look at what users were up to in the last 12 months.

social media devices used in australia

There is no question that mobile devices are pivotal part of how most people use social media with 1.97 billion of the worldwide population accessing social media platforms using mobile devices to capture moments and communicate. Australians are huge fans of staying connected, with 52% accessing the internet 5 or more times per day, with 78% accessing the internet daily - 58% of which are active social media users.

social network sites australians stopped using

As the use of social media networking sites continues to grow and becomes a bigger part of many peoples lives, what everyone is using and not using determines the ways in which social media can be used to reach audiences.

39% of Australians surveyed had deleted their Twitter accounts over the last 12 months. This percentage is enormous with a considerable gap in deletions of the other big socials - how social media is used will never be static - new platforms influence the actions of established platforms.

social media australians use

There is no doubt that Facebook is still on top and their forays into other socials such as Instagram and Instagram Advertising, optimising advertising and newsfeeds are all geared to keep it that way.

The numbers are all very impressive, but who are these people? You'd be surprised to know that the biggest age group on Facebook are not teens, but people aged 30 - 39 closely followed by the 40 - 49 age bracket. with growing platforms such as SnapChat and Instagram are used most by those between 18 and 29 - the early adopters.

demographic per social media site

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