Omni-channel marketing: just like Grade 6 science

  • 19th November 201419/11/2014
Think of your customers as the electrical current; or more-so, think of an individual customer’s experience as the current. Whether you’re retail or corporate, customers can onboard your brand experience at any particular part of the circuit. This might be in-store, outdoor advertising, an EDM, a social post, or simply through good old-fashioned word of mouth. how do people discover you?

Want to build games? Use HTML5, dingus

  • 6th November 201406/11/2014
With the advancing web technologies in HTML5, web developers should be jumping on the bandwagon. There are countless new game frameworks that are being created which help us use this technology to create online web based games with ease. Here you can see a simple game I put together using the Phaser framework.

Weirdest Comments on Social Media

  • 30th October 201430/10/2014
A round-up of the weirdest comments we've dealt with for clients on social media in October & how we do crisis management here at Klyp.

What you need to know about iBeacons (Part 2)

  • 9th October 201409/10/2014
A follow up on the iBeacons part 1. Be in the know to use this technology to create awesome applications & knowing what and how to pick those low-hanging fruits.

Oh you're a developer... What's your Github username?

  • 25th September 201425/09/2014
When I conduct interviews for development roles here at Klyp, the first thing I do is ask a candidate for a link to their Github account. As it turns out, Github is not just a really confusing download site. Our current developers all have active accounts and there's a good reason for that. Here's why you should be using it too.

5 things you missed at UX Australia 2014

  • 11th September 201411/09/2014
The global market, relative ease of access and the prospect of choice means that customers and consumers no longer endure bad products and services for long. In fact, the economy of switching providers or brands is now worth six trillion dollars worldwide. Westpac’s Chief Experience Officer pretty much nailed what business is only starting to realise – user experience (UX) design is a big deal.

How to protect your photos from iCloud hacks

  • 3rd September 201403/09/2014
The more friends you have connected to your phone, the more danger you and they are in. Hacking can spread like a virus through email addresses, social media friendships and file transfers - here's how to keep your content safe.

Collecting value from content marketing

  • 20th August 201420/08/2014
Content marketing- How can I create value? How can I deliver value? How can I collect value? Give away information for free? Klyp is going to show you how.