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Klyp’s website development team is made up of web and app developers who have a passion for problem-solving and seeing the results of their hard work. We have both front-end website designers and full stack coders on hand to build new products and bespoke systems for any audience.


Website Development

Our website developers build beautiful and functional websites on ever-evolving Content Management Systems that allows you to adapt and respond to new technologies and constantly improve your service offering. With custom systems built on open technologies powered by PHP, we put the solution before the problem and relish every challenge…and every coffee.

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App Development

We are now in an era dominated by mobile devices and 24/7 connectivity. Mobile usage has never been higher, choices and platforms are growing, and the online experience is getting deeper as the internet becomes ever more integral to modern life. Our mobile app developers build native apps for mobile, tablet, iOS and Android that can integrate with third-party hardware like fitness, iBeacon and medical trackers. Whether you need an app for social media, content delivery, game play or business, we have the might and means to make it happen.

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eCommerce Website Development

From retail to not-for-profits, we work with a range of clients to create online transactional experiences. Do you need integration with Xero, Temando or your POS? We’ve done it all before. We can build you a one-time payment system for something simple like donations, or create an ongoing payment system with recurrent billing. Whatever solution you need, it will be fully integrated with both PayPal and major banks, giving your customers more choice and a safer experience. Speak to us about how we can help you convert your ecommerce website visitors into buyers.

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eLearning Solution Development

We develop eLearning systems for Registered Training Organisations as well as for government organisations and the private sector. These eLearning systems can act as one part of a course or as the whole curriculum, depending on your needs. Providing online training, content development and assessment through exams, games and quizzes. Our eLearning systems can also produce AVETMISS compliant reports, ensuring your submissions are up to national data standards.

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Custom Application Development

Do you need a database that stores your customers’ details, quotes or sales records? Maybe you just want to increase efficiency through automation? Either way, we get it: no two businesses are the same, but most could use a hand with simplifying internal processes through a custom application.

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