Inspiring a generation of fire-safe kids.

‚ÄčIn the wake of the Black Friday bushfires, the Victoria Country Fire Authority approached Klyp to build four user-friendly Flash games for school children to promote the importance of fire safety and escape plans.

Fire Engine

Games Design

Fun games, serious lessons.

Working with our education partner Edunity, we developed this range of interactive e-Learning games with the hopes they would entertain and inspire a generation of fire safe Victorians.

Games Design

Building games kids would want to play.

Klyp worked to produce the interactive design, illustration, animation, voice over and programming required to develop the games - incorporating smart technical features like interactive keyboard controls and deticated practice zones for new users.

Game Map
Game Character

Games Design

Better teaching through storytelling.

We scripted characters like Wozza Wombat and developed rich scenarios to add a deep connection to the games. Ultimately these features worked together to convey for children the value of relocation kits, exit plans and knowing how to contact emergency services.

Pretty cool stuff, right? Now, meet the team who made it all happen.

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