Developing a series of websites representing a world class service provider

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The Problem

Built with the audience in mind

TAFE Queensland’s parent site could not cater for the needs of the varied online visitors that it received. They tasked Klyp with the website project to plan and build an online solution that catered for these key niche audiences.

Klyp was asked to design and develop several websites, ensuring they were optimised, functional and catered to the needs of each individual audience. These sites needed to work independently of the parent site and be optimised for conversions and lead acquisition. The sites also needed to use the latest design and UX principles, to reflect the institute's position as a leader in the education industry.

The Challenge

Integrating Marketo

Marketo is a powerful marketing automation software, which aims to help marketers engage with customers and prospects in a consolidated and digital fashion. All of TAFE Queensland’s existing websites were integrated with Marketo and being so heavily ingrained in the organisation, it was imperative to include in the new websites. This was one of the overarching factors in the development of the TAFE Queensland websites.

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Multilingual functionality was required for two of TAFE Queensland’s websites. As a significant portion of the traffic visiting the existing websites were from overseas or spoke English as a second language. We wanted to streamline the process for non-English speaking individuals who were looking to study or get free English lessons from the Australian Migrant English Program. In addition to this TAFE wanted to simplify the process for overseas students to enquire and apply for enrolment. During the multilingual creation, we ensured that each language had its own dedicated metadata, to ensure that it was SEO friendly for each language. This also streamlines enquiry forms submissions and removed a barrier people faced when applying.

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Maintaining the existing URL structure

TAFE Commercial was designed with the idea of creating a professional and efficient platform that connects businesses. An important part of this build was to keep the existing URLs as they were, due to a strong brand awareness and a mass of collateral with the existing URLs in circulation. The existing business.tafeqld.edu.au was outdated and difficult to use, causing quite a poor user experience as there was no simple journey to find specific information. Furthermore, the old URL structure was very cryptic and made sharing links virtually impossible.

The new website has an improved user-friendly interface to allow users to sign up and register for workshops online. This new functionality includes a payment gateway built with Bpoint, a product of Commonwealth Bank. In conjunction, the old lead generation process and manual follow up by a TAFE Queensland representative has been automated.

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Web maintenance where safety and security is crucial

TAFE has a number of websites that were not involved in the rebuild process, which need ongoing maintenance. This is due to the constantly changing digital realm and the need to stay up to date with changes in this space. One of the main tasks was conducting security audits of their current websites and subdomains.

This process included SSL certificates, preventing their WordPress websites from Brute Force attacks and encrypting data. Furthermore, we moved TAFE Queensland’s websites over to Klyp’s hosting service Hostking, which are secure Government accredited servers throughout Australia. This ensures that TAFE Queensland’s websites and data is protected.

The Outcome

Modern, secure and automated

Over the last two years Klyp has endeavoured to produce and maintain award winning websites for TAFE Queensland that cater to a number of different audiences. These sites are designed to be safe and secure, while acting as a platform to connect users to the information and actions they seek. We’ve implemented functionalities and automation to streamline the user’s journey and provide a world class service on an aesthetically pleasing platform.

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Pretty cool stuff, right? Now, meet the team who made it all happen.

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