Things worth doing are best done in collaboration


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We're flexible, responsive & agile, because in this world, nothing is static

In the digital world, things change literally overnight.

That's why Klyp was formed.

We're a full-service digital agency that sits on the cutting edge of technology, where things can literally change overnight. Our expertise is all things digital, social and mobile. Australian-owned and independent, with offices in Brisbane and Melbourne, we deliver meaningful collaboration through the weaving of conversation, ideas and technology to businesses, organisations and governments across Australia and beyond.

We are Klyp.

We've assembled a team of brilliant individuals who work impeccably together as one. Drawn from varied emergent and non-digital backgrounds, each member brings their unique blend of work and life experiences to everything Klyp does.

1,920 GB

Average daily data downloaded via Klyp servers.

We deliver websites with insight, digital solutions that get results and social ideas worth sharing

We help you realise your business goals through digital solutions dreamed up, developed and delivered in partnership. With years of experience in the fields of marketing, design, advertising and digital means we can deliver a contemporary take using traditional disciplines to bring your message kicking and screaming into the digital realm.


Reach the people who matter most. Your customers.

Defining who your customers are and how they engage with your brand is the most important first step in developing your digital strategy. This will determine what channels you focus your marketing efforts on.

There are so many online channels to get your message out, engage with customers, and drive business outcomes. Klyp will show you the best way to reach your audience using the right channel, with the right message to drive your marketing and business goals.

Content Management

Well-written content helps your search engine ranking and keeps your customers coming back.

Klyp produces compelling, smart conceptual thinking (ad agencies call them Big Ideas) and content for brands, based on sound strategic thinking, extensive learnings and collaborative discovery sessions that help us to identify the best way to connect with your customers, when they're most receptive of your message.

Klyp's onsite content specialists can write copy for websites, emails, videos, presentations and speeches.


Some brands are built from bricks and mortar; others are built online. We build brands everywhere.

We're Digital Marketing specialists. We help build brands in the digital space. Branding is a long-term proposition and we endeavour to help you to develop or grow your brand consistently, helping to ensure that its presence online adheres to a predetermined visual style and tone. This means that we think beyond just a website, banner or social post to a full communication solution.

We can help you with brand positioning, PPC (Pay Per Click) strategies, EDMs (Electronic Direct Mail), website banners, microsites, blogs, social media management and marketing, while showing you the best ways to harness them to suit your needs.

Graphic Design

Look a million dollars on any budget

Klyp is a digital agency, but we're also a branding agency. Branding is a long-term proposition and we endeavour to help you to develop or grow your brand, whether it's starting from a blank slate or just helping to ensure that its presence online adheres to a predetermined visual style and tone.

We work across all touch points and have the capabilities in-house to produce idea driven communications from our normal digital offerings through to motion graphics and animations.

Information Design

The service experience starts, the moment your customer connects with your brand

Well-written content and pretty pictures are great, but it's also how the information is accessed, pops-up, sounds and reacts that makes the experience unique. We can help create a journey where it's easy to see, interact and access content, determined by an intelligent information hierarchy and user psychology.


A Content Management system that gives you complete control

Klyp develop everything that can be placed under the banner of digital (we'll even develop the banner). That means websites, EDMs, mobile-friendly sites and apps, information architecture and sophisticated learning management systems.

We have built our very own CMS which lets you manage your e-commerce, website, email and SMS marketing from the one access point. And as we created it in-house, we can completely customise it to do everything you need it to do.


Motion graphics and audio visuals that move people

Actions speak louder than words and moving pictures make a complex story easier to digest. Which is why we are equipped with in-house production capabilities. From animation and illustration to video production, we can develop online video, pre-rolls, motion graphics and e-learning programmes.

Online Advertising

Make more impact with every impression

From banners and display ads to Youtube pre-rolls, if it's found online, we can get your ad displaying on that page. The online marketing mix now includes PPC (Pay Per Click) strategies, EDMs (Electronic Direct Mail), traditional banners, microsites, ads on social networks and within photo and video sharing sites.

But it goes beyond advertising, it's all about optimising your brand online so it can be seen by search engines and rank on the first page of Google that can make a big difference.

We can help you to develop a strategy and then build all the materials you'll need to be seen online.


How to start conversations with your customers were they are already talking

We can help set up and manage your brand presence on all social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr (to name a few). We'll get people engaged and can provide you with reports that show you what they responded to, what they shared and what time of day they saw the content. Then we can tailor messaging and advertising to ensure your brand voice grows across the relevant social networks to your business.

Data & Analytics

Big ideas informed by big, beautiful data

When you're spending good money on marketing and business development, it's important to know you're spending it in the right places to get the results you need. Unlike the guesswork and uncertainty of ROI that goes with print and TV advertising, digital gives you genuine measurability and real time feedback. We can help to assess ROI through KPIs and objectives like time spent on your site, unique visits, engagement of a message, social spread (fan reach, organic reach, talkability and even negative feedback). We can then assist you in collating reports, determining what messages are working best and ways to strategise and implement plans in the online space so your brand can grow exponentially.


Seek with curiosity, passion and purpose.

We're passionately curious, hungry for new ideas and never satisfied with standard. As explorers of the awesome, we live on the edge of technology, pushing it and ourselves to find new ways to achieve the unexpected, unknown and the un-possible.

Everything we do is about connecting with others

Before connecting with your customers, we need to connect with you. At the start of any project, it's important to be on the same page. We value commitment, agility, authenticity, friendliness and creativity and like aligning with businesses that share these values.

That's when the magic happens.

It's the sum of Klyp's experiences that help to shape your users' experience

Every job we do, we learn something new and we take those learnings forward into the next project. Klyp is the sum of over a decade of learning.

Before Klyp, we were known as QMG, the Queensland Media Group, an agency that grew over ten years from a two-man operation to a two-state entity. In that time we've seen platforms rise and fall (interactive CD-Roms anyone?) and sites go from groundbreaking to obsolete.

Times and technologies change. Nothing is static. We'll work together, learn together and celebrate the successes as we help shape your future.


Number of inspired, productive Klypsters


Things worth doing are worth doing in collaboration

As much marketers as digital natives, we approach every project holistically, with energy and an open mind. It’s a process of exploration, reasoning and researching that helps inform a strong strategy backed by understanding and insights.

Working in collaboration, we partner with others who need our specialist skills. Being full-service, we’ll work with businesses in many different ways. For some, it’s the complete product/solution cycle (concept, UX, information architecture, UI, wireframe, design, interactivity, build, testing, QA, analytics, review); others want us to manage their hosting, email, e-commerce or digital marketing and advertising.

Throughout the journey, we constantly test, improve and update and we’ll be beside you every step of the way.

Here are just some of the great clients we’ve partnered with.

Your results are what drives us & what gets us excited

It's what gets us up in the morning (and sometimes keeps us up at night). We obsess over clicks, time on site, what messages are working best. Even when it's right, we'll be there to tweak it (if it's needed).

By creating a truly unique CMS we can provide truly unique solutions to our customers.

Every business needs a point of difference. One key difference Klyp offers is a custom CMS built in-house from the ground up. It's a constantly evolving digital ecosystem. This means that we can shape it, evolve it and change it to do what your business needs. It can work with e-commerce, stock control, ticketing systems – the sky's the limit.

We employ smart people who add value at every touchpoint.

From the juniors to the MD, everyone who has the opportunity to work on your project adds their magic. Ideas are shared, problems are analysed, solutions are celebrated. We all take pride in what we do and only want to deliver the best. A job worth doing is worth doing well.

We love a challenge

You know those annoying types who pull things apart and over-analyse everything? Yep, that's Klyp. We relish challenges. Send them our way.

Nothing is static. You always have to be looking forward.

We look forward to working with you.


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