Nothing is static


Our values capture what we believe in and what is important to Klyp. We have 4 core values. We all agree that impossible isn’t a thing and approach problem-solving with a can-do attitude. We have fun producing memorable masterpieces. We aspire to inspire each other, the clients we partner with and the industry as a whole. Most importantly, we believe relationships are everything, so we nurture our connections.

  1. Impossible isn't
    a thing
  2. Seek fun and
    be memorable
  3. Aspire to
  4. Relationships are

The Evolution of Klyp
Bright, Bold & Daring
Just like our Klypsters.

Nothing is static - this was certainly true when four uni grads began developing multimedia websites in 2002; and it’s definitely still the case in today’s digital space! Our story begins back in the days of dial-up internet, when our computers had CRT displays instead of LCD screens, and MySpace was the epitome of social networking!

Director Chris Byrnes and his mates gradually built up an impressive portfolio. As the magnitude of the projects increased, the team and service offering also grew and diversified into digital marketing. The company rebranded to Klyp in 2013 as a reflection of these significant changes.

Now with more than fifteen years of experience under our belt, Klyp continues to evolve. The agency maintains its roots in technology, and augmented this focus by becoming a Certified HubSpot Agency Partner in 2018, in addition to our existing Google Partnership. Klyp has truly transformed into a full-service agency that continues to refine the collaborative process between three specialist fields. Our account managers are the dedicated point of contact for clients, ensuring the efficient delivery of outstanding results.

Meet the crew

Kathryn SiewKathryn SiewKathryn Siew

Senior Project Manager

Chris ByrnesChris ByrnesChris Byrnes

Managing Director

Ivana PetovskaIvana PetovskaIvana Petovska

Business Operations Manager

Jerry DengJerry DengJerry Deng

Senior Full Stack Developer

Joseph D'AstutoJoseph D'AstutoJoseph D'Astuto

Full Stack Developer

Nyco AgungNyco AgungNyco Agung

Head of Technology

Nicholas TurnerNicholas TurnerNicholas Turner

Systems Engineer