Social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are a gold mine of user demographic, behaviour and interest data. Data that can be highly valuable to brands in an accelerating world of online brand competitiveness. The two-way communication between businesses and consumers on social media platforms encourages authentic feedback and unique insights. Understanding what makes your audience engage with your brand turns each interaction, such as a post, comment, follow or like into an endorsement for your brand. Klyp social content specialists transform this valuable data into a tailored social media strategy with messages and creative designed to resonate with your audiences. By successfully directing advertising at targeted social media users who show interest and engagement in the brand’s products or services, we generate greater brand awareness, sales, community engagement or content distribution that leads users to your website and down the sales funnel.

SMM - Likes, shares and comments

Reputation/Response Management

Maintaining your brand’s reputation is imperative, because the internet gives everyone a front-row seat to your successes and failures! Abstaining from social media isn’t an option because your competitors and customers will still share their views with a highly engaged audience, whether you participate or not. Fortunately, businesses can utilise their own social media profiles to have a considerable control over the ensuing narrative.

Klyp employs best practices to ensure effective social media management for your business. We monitor your reputation by listening for relevant mentions and flagging potential issues across your favourite social media platforms. This enables us to respond long before issues escalate into PR disasters. Our staff can help you handle negative reviews or complaints, by transforming them into an opportunity to generate brand advocacy. In contrast, ignoring these difficult social conversations altogether, can cause significant damage to your brand.

Community Management

Daily community management is essential for maintaining your brand's presence on social media. The main purpose is to engage with your followers on a regular basis. Think of it as the community water cooler, where member contributions serve more than just brand awareness, but a platform to develop social norms, explore related topics and push new ideas. More importantly this will help establish a relationship. If nurtured appropriately, this should translate into future sales. At Klyp, we work hard on humanising your brand by using more conversational language, openly asking for customer input and responding to queries (both positive and negative) in a public forum, to help foster a strong community following. The rewards for investing in your social community are exponential. As brand advocacy spreads amongst your following, your community will increase, thus generating a perpetual cycle of growth.

SMM - Community members discussing ideas

Content Creation

Creating and curating content that excites your audience is key for all your owned channels - especially social media! Visually appealing and interesting content, with a touch of branding can translate into earned media; whereby followers voluntarily spread your message via sharing or post engagement. This is invaluable because individuals are trusted by their personal networks and therefore have greater influence than brands. 

Klyp content specialists are artists at creating the micro moments that capture audience hearts, minds and dollars. Our social content pairs strong visuals with concise, bite-sized snippets of information that answers the I-want-to-do, I-want-to-go and I-want-to-know-moments. We tell the stories your audience wants to hear, from short form chats to long form content such as infographics, that provoke them to take action.

SMM - Engaging content types


Video is flooding social media and this stampede is not likely to slow down anytime soon! From platforms entirely dedicated to video like YouTube, SnapChat, Instagram and Facebook stories; to the rise of live-streaming - video is everywhere. From high-tech equipment to amateur video on your smartphone, video can create cut through that helps demonstrate the authenticity of your brand. 

Whether you have your own video assets or need video produced for you, Klyp can create rich behind-the-scenes footage that help followers feel connected to your brand or edit video into short clips for social media, where attention-spans last only seconds! At Klyp, we align video with the interests of your audience, from how-to tutorials to customer testimonials.

SMM - Video advocacy

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

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  • Reputation and response management across social media planning
  • Foster, nurture and manage a community of brand advocates
  • Create branded and curate sharable content
  • Video content planning
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