Research and Creation

Search engine marketing (SEM) is one of the quickest methods for generating new business as it encompasses five paid digital marketing areas including Paid Search, Display Ads, Remarketing, Bing and Yahoo. To assist your business in generating new leads Klyp avoids a click-guarantee mindset. Instead our SEM Specialists believe meaningful results come from obtaining qualified leads, at an affordable cost per acquisition. 

Our specialist never dive straight into campaign creation, without first conducting thorough research into the paid marketing landscape of your industry. This ensures we determine the most appropriate campaign type for the start. It is through this thoughtful targeting we identify prospects that convert, creating genuine lead opportunities. Our team of SEM strategists will leverage years of experience across various industries to craft multiple campaigns that utilise proven industry insights, a marketing mix targeted to your audience and KPI’s. 

SEM - driven by data

Google Ads Optimisation

Knowledge is power so keeping on the pulse of paid advertising topical and knowledge relevancies, keeps Klyp's team of SEM Specialists up to date on Google AdWords Certification and Bing Ads Accreditation. Proficiency across Google Ads and other platforms sharpens our skills for better optimisation of your PPC campaigns.  

We optimise your PPC campaign on a daily basis, monitoring search query reports, implementing negative keywords and adjusting keyword bids to ensure your campaigns produces leads, has measurable results and generates a return on investment (ROI). Additionally, our SEM Specialists assess your existing website to ensure it is optimised for paid search. However, if your website requires more than an simple update to get it up to scratch, but you need leads ASAP, we'll create landing pages so your ads can begin converting immediately. 

SEM - Website and landing page optimisation

Bing and Yahoo

Bing and Yahoo are not as popular on a global scale as Google, but these search engines still offer business a valid opportunity for PPC Advertising. The key drawcard for these platforms, is they are more cost effective than Google! This is because there are fewer brands vying for the same advertising space. The good news doesn't end there - it's more likely you will get your ads in prime position on Bing or Yahoo, because less competition means the costs associated with showing your ads are not inflated. Although Google has more users on their platform overall and therefore potentially a larger audience; Bing and Yahoo offer advertisers more granular targeting options. Klyp will focus marketing efforts in a niche marketplace, where your business can gain a competitive advantage in search engine PPC. Klyp's PPC Specialists can help you determine if these platforms are a viable PPC advertising alternative for your business.


While text and call-only ads on the Search Network don't utilise graphics, the Display Network hosts a variety of image-centric advertising options. Stand-out visuals are a great way to entice users to click through your ad to find out more. Advertisers can take advantage of rich media, such as animations, expandable ads in Gmail, responsive, engagement or static image ads. Our Display specialists work in conjunction with our Designers to produce captivating display advertising. We use an array of targeting options to ensure your ads are seen by an audience that will genuinely be interested in your products or service. Initially, the team identifies types of people similar to those who have previously visited your website.  Next, we target people who meet this criteria in distinct contexts. We can also manage the placement of your ads within the Display Network by selecting key websites or apps frequented by your target audience.

SMM - Media Rich Display advertising


The majority of shoppers conduct online research, perhaps on multiple devices before making a decision. This means that people may visit your website during the awareness or consideration phase, long before they are ready to purchase. Fortunately, by implementing a Remarketing campaign, aka retargeting, across Facebook, Google Search or Display networks Klyp's marketing specialists ensure your brand remains front of mind as the shopper progresses through the purchase funnel. 

Using snippets of code we are able to show targeted ads to users who have already visited your website. As your visitors continue to browse the web, they will regularly see your ads. This leads users to become familiar with your brand, making them more likely to convert in future. 

SEM - behavioural remarketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Our Expertise

  • Google AdWords Certified Specialists
  • Bing Ads Accredited Professionals
  • Obtain qualified leads at an affordable cost per acquisition
  • Analyse competitor keyword strategies 
  • Create custom landing pages optimised for conversion
  • Daily optimisation of AdWords campaigns
  • Display ads created in consultation with Designer
  • Manage ad placements on websites and apps
  • Remarketing on Facebook, Google Search and Google Display Networks
SEM - custom search strategies

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