Klyp's team have the knowledge to create simple but intuitive eLearning systems that make it easy for students and employees to easily access and retain learning material. We can devise a strategy to efficiently roll out your custom eLearning system with appropriate tools enabling users to access resources, on any device. Our eLearning team can design and develop your platform to accommodate a variety of learning , from internal business use training staff, to long distance education services or when personal circumstances like health issues prevent them from attending facilities.

Benefits of eLearning

The main benefit of eLearning is the widespread accessibility the online platform offers. Users can commence learning on their chosen device, at the location and time that best suits them; perhaps in the evening or on weekends. Lesson paths can be established to connect a series of individual lessons thereby streamlining an entire course. It's extremely efficient because users can progress through the content at their own pace, revisit particular sections where they feel they require revision, or skip areas they are already familiar with. Users of eLearning platforms have been found to achieve better results, retain information for longer and enact this knowledge, most likely because of the self-directed and immersive characteristics of the platform. Perhaps the most obvious benefit of eLearning is the drastic reduction of paper-based learning resources, making this style of learning more environmentally friendly.

eLearning Opportunities

The proliferation of digital technology has resulted in increased demand for remote learning and study solutions for students. Additionally, workers have a growing appetite for eLearning professional development opportunities which will complement their career ambitions. Several leading technology companies offer a combination of free and paid eLearning courses which usually lead to industry recognised certifications. For example, Google's Academy, Facebook's Blueprint, the HubSpot's Academy and Hootsuite's AdEspresso provides training in Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads. Job seekers can set themselves apart from other candidates by providing evidence that they have undertaken such eLearning programs. Employers too can benefit from these eLearning initiatives as it can result in partnership or certification badges for the company.

eLearning Platforms

We will ensure you can add to your eLearning system as your training programs evolve, ensuring users always receive the most up to date information. Our eLearning solutions are based on the Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM); allowing for distribution across different platforms, as required. Together, we will plan and deliver a flexible eLearning platform, custom or ready-made, which integrates with your existing system, to suit your organisational needs now and into the future.

Our Expertise

  • Experience developing eLearning platforms targeting children through to adults
  • Devise strategies to integrate eLearning platforms with existing systems
  • Capitalise on the intrinsic benefits of the platform
  • SCORM based solutions

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