Brand Identity

The brand identity process begins long before a logo is designed, then applied to stationary like letterheads. Firstly, our Klyp Designers invest time getting to know your business - the driving motivation behind your beliefs. The research stage involves mapping out the colours and icons which are prominent within your industry. We develop an identity which will set you apart from competitors, ensuring widespread brand recognition. Various branding elements are then customised for application across digital and print assets. Successfully communicating your unique personality requires integration of all correspondence, ensuring a consistent brand experience. Upon completion, our Designers develop a style guide as a handy reference tool so that you can continue to accurately reinforce the branding when producing new collateral; thereby strengthening the image audiences associate with your organisation.

Logo Design

While brand identity is comprised of a comprehensive array of specific elements such as tone of voice, or colour palette options; everything should always correspond with your logo design. While branding elements help to communicate various aspects of a brand personality, the logo acts primarily as the face of your business. It's the single most important, tangible component of your brand. It should appear more frequently than any other brand graphic and be regarded as the epitome of what your brand stands for. Successful logos are designed with an adaptive footprint, so application in various formats is seamless. Your logo should feature on all promotional material, so the considerations taken into account by our Designers are extensive. Fortunately, our extensive experience means you can rest assured the team will design a timeless and instantly recognisable logo for business; which can be utilised for a diverse range of applications.

Style Guide

After investing significant time and resources into establishing a brand identity, it's prudent to develop guidelines to ensure future assets are developed to match - particularly if ad hoc design work is outsourced to various freelancers. Taking this precautionary measure means brand perceptions will remain consistent, thereby enhancing the longevity of your brand. Failing to adhere to a reference model is a deviation from the brand identity which can confuse messaging and your audience. Our Designers produce a brand style guide for internal use by company staff and external contractors. These guidelines and templates dictate how marketing material such as ads, social posts, brochures of business cards and even pages on your website should look and feel.


Our Expertise

  • Conduct brand mapping to assess industry landscape
  • Develop unique brand identity
  • Versatile logo design which complements branding
  • Style guide documentation for future asset creation

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