Website Design and Development

Need a reliable website? But the time, cost and planning makes your eyes glaze over. Klyp can help! Our team of experienced web developers build custom websites from scratch or configure a pre-purchased theme on a variety of open source platforms including October, WordPress, Drupal or more. We even offer our own proprietary theme, known as Hummingbird! 

Klyp is platform agnostic, so we can run on any computer operating system without requiring special adaptations, this makes us agile across government, education, franchise and retail applications. All our websites are developed from designs crafted by experienced UX and UI experts and built in consultation with our SEO Specialists to ensure it is crawled and indexed for amazing search engine results! So stop hiding in the shadows and schedule your free discovery session today! 

Custom Web Application Development

When clients approach us for tailored web app solutions Klyp can design and develop bespoke web applications to specifically meet your requirements. Our team of full-stack developers has experience in writing short pieces of code that can integrate multiple systems for data exchange to creating innovative applications that improve functionality and user interactions to an app or website. We specialize in ...

  • Product Catalogues and Ordering Systems
  • Internal HR system communications
  • CMS for apps
  • And more!

So don't hesitate! Call Klyp's Web App experts to discuss how your ideas can be made possible.  

Mobile Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications Development

The ongoing evolution of web development has led to the creation of Progressive Web Applications (PWAs). PWA's combine the benefits of both websites and mobile apps, making it easy to delight your users, grow engagement and increase conversions.  At Klyp, our developers use this cutting edge technology to create memorable users experiences. As a result, we do extensive testing to ensure our PWA's are...

  • Secure - served over HTTPS 
  • Responsive - easily launched from any device
  • Fast - load instantly, even in uncertain network conditions
  • Engaging - respond quickly to user interactions

Stand out amongst competitors with PWA's that offer a more convenient channel for user engagement!


Our Expertise

  • Front and Backend Website development
  • Build custom websites
  • Configure or update existing or off the shelf themes
  • Design and develop custom web applications for internal or commercial use
  • Progressive web application development

Build amazing digital solutions

Continually push the boundaries of technology