When users search for your website within the browser on their device, the internet connects the visitor to another computer known as a server, which serves them the relevant webpage. While your website is accessible from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, the physical distance between the server and the geographic location of your website visitors can affect the speed at which this information is exchanged. The further apart the server and the website visitor are located, the greater the latency. Hence the evolution of cloud hosting. Virtual servers are massive computers which store lots of individual servers, often referred to as clusters. These virtual servers are housed in data centres around the world. Together they create an underlying network of high redundancy software and hardware; which results in high availability. 

Scaling Resources

Cloud hosting can be defined as the practice of pooling resources together in an aim to make websites accessible at all times. One of the main drawcards of cloud hosting is infinite scalability. Pooling resources such as CPUs, RAM, disk space and bandwidth within dedicated data centres enhances performance with abundant uptime, load-time and support. This also makes horizontal scaling - the amount of people trying to access your website and vertical scaling - the amount of information held by your site, possible. Auto-Scaling resources accommodates for increased traffic and disk space requirements so your site won’t encounter unexpected downtime. 

Data Centres

Data centres are connected to multiple internet service providers, so if one service fails, your connection will remain intact. This purpose-built network results in a 99.9% uptime guarantee for your website. Utilising Australian owned and operated cloud hosting services ensures the use of local servers to give customers immediate access to your website.


Klyp proudly partners with HostKing to deliver our clients the best web hosting support in Australia. In doing so, we host over a hundred websites with diverse data requirements ranging from eCommerce stores, government bodies, large enterprises to start-ups. We provide bespoke cloud hosting solutions to accommodate complex systems and masses of traffic. This cloud hosting is offered as a service, with a fixed price depending on your space requirements. It offers our clients peace of mind, knowing that if a server fails, their website will continue to pull resources from other servers within the network. This means their customers can always access their website without interruption. If your hosting needs are advanced, HostKing provides dedicated hosting which means a single server is devoted to storing your brand assets, for optimum security.

Domain Registration

A wide range of domain names including, .org, and .co are available for purchase with HostKing, plus you can create subdomains and manage the domain name system (DNS) yourself through the control panel, known as the cPanel. Using this domain, we can also host the email accounts associated with your business so you never have to worry about running out of space in your inbox!

Our Expertise

  • Exclusive partnership with cloud hosting provider HostKing
  • Local, Australian web hosting service to ensure immediate customer access
  • Domain and email registration

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