Native App Development

Native apps are built to reflect a specific mobile operating system in the language that the platform accepts. 

The main advantage of natively-built apps is it allows developers to easily access the full feature set of the platform, making it a very responsive and more natural user experience. However, native apps may require double the development effort, as separate code is required for each operating system, as well as double the maintenance requirements.

Let Klyp minimize the complexity, arrange an information session with our developers so we can walk you through the next steps.  

Native App Development and Decision making

Hybrid App Development - IOS & Android

Fundamentally a hybrid app is a single application that can be run on iOS and Android. It works across platforms but behaves like native apps, using back-end code such as Javascript, HTML, and CSS and runs in Webview. Whilst Hybrid apps offer some advantages over native apps such as it is easier and cheaper to build, it is also less interactive, slower and dependant on a third party platform. Klyp IOS and Android App developers help determine which approach is best for your needs. Our recommendations are based on how fast you need the app to be, quality of user experience you want your app to have and complexity of features needed for your app to work. Get informed with Klyp. Schedule a catch-up today!

IOS and Android App Development

Framework Based App Development

Want to save on mobile app production costs? Klyp has it covered! 

Our developers specialise in framework based projects, which use a single stack of technologies for apps irrespective of the targeted OS. 

We select a framework tool, usually React Native, Ionic or Xamarin to compile a single codebase into native form. This cross-platform development effectively translates into the native language of your device. One Code. Multiple Operating Systems! 

A great option for informational apps which don't rely heavily on phone hardware.

Framework Based Apps

Our Expertise

  • Native app development for iOS or Android devices
  • Hybrid app development running as WebView on multiple operating systems
  • Framework based cross-platform development

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