Email Campaigns that drive ROI

Email is the most popular channel used to distribute newsletters, online forms and automated emails for marketing purposes, producing 174% more conversions than social media. Making it a powerful tool for acquiring new leads, engaging current and retaining past customers. 

Klyp’s Email Direct Marketing (EDM) experts specialise in tailoring campaign strategies that segment email lists and individualize campaign messaging to effectively target your subscribers for improved revenue generation. Additionally, we conduct regular A/B testing and behavioral analysis to inform existing and future campaigns. We also have at our disposal a variety of email providers to ensure the platform has the functionality required to meet your business needs and expectations. Take a minute to discuss how Klyp can boost your conversions.   

EDM's that convert

SMS Campaigns that generate higher CTR's

 An astonishing 95% of all SMS messages are read within three minutes - making it the most effective channel for communicating with customers on time-sensitive matters. Even more astonishing, response rates from SMS are 209% higher than from phone calls, Facebook, or email. Automated SMS campaigns, therefore, become the perfect extension to your customer service model to confirm bookings, distribute offers or integrated with your CRM for targeted alerts. 

Klyp takes the difficulty out of targetted communication, by tailoring an SMS campaign with cut-through messaging for improved click-through-rates and customer experiences. Call our SMS experts to discuss how we can generate higher CTR's. 


Our Expertise

  • Email marketing content strategies
  • Email automations and flows
  • SMS marketing campaigns
  • SMS automations
  • Email and SMS integrations
  • Email segmentation and personalisation
  • A/B testing and behavioural analysis 

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