Straight Up Digital

Klyp is a front-line-full-service digital agency. If it's on a screen, we probably made it, pitched for it, or thought of it first.

We combine the three core pillars of the business, creative, development and marketing to produce award-winning digital solutions for our clients.

And that's what we're most proud of.

Featured Project

Serving Honey Internationally

The Capilano Honey website was recently rebuilt by an external company to Klyp. However; the website had limited functionality and was created solely for English speakers. The existing branding and packaging only aligned with Australian standards. Capilano realised they actually required a website that could support their expansion into international markets. Klyp ensured the website was capable of identifying where users were located geographically. The website then served visitors with information from their native language; in addition to imagery that aligned with the applicable country’s advertising standards.


Featured Project

Building Coral Homes From the Ground Up

Coral Homes approached Klyp with a fresh new design for their website and an exciting challenge: To collaborate with their team in creating a sleek new website that ensures the user is at the forefront of the project.

Featured Project

Developing a series of websites representing a world class service provider

TAFE Queensland’s parent site could not cater for the needs of the varied online visitors that it received. They tasked Klyp with the website project to plan and build an online solution that catered for these key niche audiences.

Klyp was asked to design and develop several websites, ensuring they were optimised, functional and catered to the needs of each individual audience. These sites needed to work independently of the parent site and be optimised for conversions and lead acquisition. The sites also needed to use the latest design and UX principles, to reflect the institute's position as a leader in the education industry.