The Problem

Make dining easy – No matter your language

Brisbane Airport Corporation wanted to make dining at the airport easy – no matter your language. Klyp were bought in to help create an App that had menu information in multiple languages moving hospitality management from hard copies to a more efficient system. These menus are now displayed at booths and kiosks with a liaison officer, where tablets present native languages to choose from allowing diners to view the menu in that language.

App design mockups


Built with the future in mind

The App has been developed in such a way that it is easy for diners to find and read the menu of restaurants available throughout the airport. An important component of this project was also to facilitate management of the menus as they change and new restaurants open. To achieve this three different modes were created, Admin Mode, Kiosk mode and Store Mode ensuring that airport staff, visitors and restaurant management could access and update as needed.

At the moment, the App contains Korean, Chinese, Japanese and English. The App has been developed so it’s simple to add new languages with ample room to expand its capabilities as the Brisbane Airport grows in the future.

Knife, fork and plate

End Result

Simply Effective

The end result is a simple, effective app thats for all diners to navigate as they pass through the Brisbane Airport.

Tablet app designs