Multiple Devices

Visitors are increasingly irritated with unresponsive websites that are not suitable for significantly smaller screens, particularly when surveyed in portrait orientation. Extra actions are required to examine the content, such as zooming in to read tiny text. Not to mention the frustrating inaccuracy of selecting menus and buttons via touch, instead of a mouse click. To combat this issue, web designers began creating separate mobile sites with features like hamburger navigation, often denoted by the .m prefix. The problem with this workaround, was that it increased costs for business owners as two sites needed to be updated regularly, instead of just one. It also resulted in duplicate content, which is penalised by search engines. Nor does it account for the multitude of other devices and screen sizes which are constantly being released including; tablets, laptops which convert into tablets as laplets, smart watches, smart TVs with enormous screens and even VR headsets! 

Responsive Web Design

The increasing use of devices to access websites, previously viewed only on desktops, has revolutionised how websites are designed today. Hence, the evolution of responsive web design.  Effectively designing a website to meet the constraints of all current and future devices. These websites are designed using proportion based grids to ensure fluidity, flexibility and deliver a great user experience; because the content responds to the dimensions of the user’s selected device.

Mobile-first is an increasingly important approach, where the web designer focuses primarily on enhancing the user experience on smaller devices then progressively adds to the design, utilising more space on larger devices. For example, scrollable navigation may be used on the mobile design, which expands into a full width menu on desktop. 

Our Expertise

  • Website designs which respond effectively on multiple devices
  • Proportion based grid layouts to ensure flexibility
  • Mobile-first approach

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