TV Campaigns

The majority of time Australians spend before a screen, continues to be attributed to broadcast TV, with over 15.9 million Aussies watching daily. Your potential customers are spending approximately three hours per day on this channel - so go where your customers are! While Aussie homes typically possess six different screens to consume video content many of these devices, like laptops and tablets, are used to watch video on demand (VOD). Thanks to the switch to digital TV in 2013, broadcast networks began offering multiple channels and online catch-up TV. Commercial TV campaigns both on live and catch-up TV can produce a significant return on investment, particularly when used in conjunction with digital marketing to reinforce brand messaging. Contact Klyp to craft a TV commercial to captivate viewers and make your brand message unforgettable!

Radio Campaigns

Commercial radio reaches more than 16 million Australians each week, with consumption peaking during popular commuting periods. Almost seven out of every ten Australians drive to work each day, with another 5% of people in the passenger seat, so radio offers brands a prime advertising opportunity. Digital radio has enabled the creation of additional channels, radio apps, podcasts and live streaming targeting niche audiences. It has improved sound and signal quality, plus extra features, like pause, rewind, downloadable music as well as scrolling text. Aussies listen to 2 hours and 10 minutes of radio, on average, per day - a reach five times greater than that of Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music combined! Radio advertising is best used in a multi-channel campaign to bring your brand voice to life, drive recall and website visits. Klyp devises ads worth hearing, that trigger listeners to seek out your brand. 

Outdoor Advertising

An astonishing 9/10 people encounter outdoor advertising each day; plus the majority (78%) of these people agree that these ads capture their attention! Unlike broadcast media, TV and radio, outdoor advertising cannot be muted or even turned off. Additionally, due to the fragmentation of audiences as the digital media spectrum expands, outdoor advertising is now the medium with the greatest reach in Australia! On practically every other channel, consumers actively decide when and where they will engage with brands. In contrast, people cannot choose whether they are willing to view a billboard or not. Klyp will help identify appropriate traffic routes and placements that are in the line of vision of pedestrians or people in transit for your outdoor ads. So get in touch to start getting your ads out all over town! 

Our Expertise

  • Live and catch-up broadcast TV campaigns
  • Commercial radio campaigns and podcasts
  • Outdoor advertising including static and digital billboards

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