The internet of things refers to the connection of devices to the internet, beyond that which is typically associated with internet use, such as computers. Computer chips are built into a variety of stand alone products so that they can be controlled or monitored remotely, via the internet. This has led to the creation of smart fridges, some of which utilise voice technology to remind users about upcoming expiration dates on food, or display advertisements about which brand of food should be added to your shopping list. More importantly, this has resulted in enhanced safety measures within the health industry. People with diabetes now have access to smart tools which monitor insulin levels in the body and send notifications to their mobile device. Practically any electronic product can be connected to the internet, so opportunities for innovations abound! Klyp has the technological know-how to help you devise an IoT project, so get in touch and together we can change the world! 


Beacons utilise bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless technology. This enables offline and online activities to converge, by prompting customers to take action when in close proximity to a specific location. For instance, if a user has an app for a specific retailer on their phone, beacons can notify the customer they are approaching a bricks and mortar store and offer them an exclusive discount. Additionally, once the customer is inside the store, the beacon can send personalised messages such as product recommendations to their smartphone, assisting them in real time. Beacons can be used for more purposes than marketing a brand. They can give visitors additional information when attending museums and landmarks, or assist travellers while in transit by tracking luggage and advising them of the best route or closest amenities. Beacons lead people to specific locations, like a lighthouse leads ships into shore. So let Klyp lead your business to new heights beyond your competition, with beacons!


When the term 'wearables' is mentioned, many people think of the Apple watch. However, the term actually encompasses much more than a smart watch! Wearables are any form of technology that can be attached, or worn on the human body. FitBits for example, record physical activity data. Some wearables are designed specifically for aesthetic purposes, like changing the visible colour of a garment. Other wearables have been designed to monitor body heat, then warm or cool clothing. Tracking data via wearable technology is much more practical than traditional methods, because wearables are designed to be worn on the body, with the comfort of the wearer a primary concern. As such, wearables are increasingly becoming more popular, because they are inherently convenient, easy to use and unobtrusively improve the user's life. The Klyp team have the technological expertise to help bring your wearable concept to market, so lets get together! 

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