eCommerce Content Management Systems (CMS)

Understanding how to choose and effectively use a content management system (CMS) is essential for online and multi-channel retailers. A well organised CMS enables you to quickly edit, organise, manage product pages and publish website content. However, not all CMS's are created equal! Selecting the right platform is imperative to the success of your eCommerce venture. Klyp can help guide you through the process of selecting the appropriate eCommerce platform with CMS functionality so your business delivers a rich and engaging customer purchase experience. 

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eCommerce Management

Having the ability to manage content quickly is vital for eCommerce stores as customers expect size, availability and price information to be accurate. If not, customer brand perception could be damaged. Klyp understand the buying experience because we understand purchase behaviour. When building or customising an eCommerce site we factor functionality into the design for intuitive purchase experiences. These include but are not limited to -  

  • inventory management  
  • stock availability 
  • order management and more

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eCommerce Integrations

As an online retailer, cart abandonment is a significant pain point. The primary concerns online visitors have during purchase involve creating a new user account, confusing checkout processes and payment security. Klyp has solutions! We incorporate multiple integrations into our designs to minimise purchase barriers, making customer experience as painless as possible!  We integrate with ...

  • third party couriers such as Australia Post, DHL and FED EX
  • payment gateways including PayPal, AfterPay, Apply Pay and most Australian Banks 
  • and more!

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Online shopping solutions

Customer Support

Providing exceptional customer service is a vital part of every business, regardless of whether it is online or bricks and mortar. When considering it's seven times more expensive to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one, providing exceptional customer support makes good financial sense. 

Klyp can assist you be a business that's there at every point in the customer journey. Our developers can integrate existing software or build a custom CMS, taking into account your stock inventory needs, currency conversions, shipping, tax and invoice requirements. We can also integrate your site with a CRM, email and SMS marketing databases for cross, up-selling and exclusive offer opportunities. 

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eCom Service Support

Our Expertise

  • Knowledge of various eCommerce platforms
  • Advise on suitable CMS selection or customisation
  • Recommend appropriate integrations for memorable business outcomes and user experiences
  • Build custom CMS for exceptional customer support
  • Integrate your site with CRM and SMM databases for promotional and brand awareness opportunities

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