The Solution

Campaign overview

The result was a series of webisodes promoting trade skills in a competitive landscape, pitting the wit and skills of real tradesmen and women against the elements, against machines and against each other. Through smart marketing efforts we saw impressive results reflected across Facebook, YouTube and increased website views.

How We Went


The Voting System

Packaged in a polished app

To give users to opportunity to watch and share episodes easily, we created a dedicated app for the Tradie vs campaign. This allowed users to quickly vote for their favourite teams, see the leader-board and share content with their friends.

Mobile app designs

The Main Event

Construction, destruction and a whole heap of fun

A short series of websidoes featuring the tradies up against gravity, brute force, a tropical storm and a footballer were captured in a fun and entertaining way. This really showcased some of the skills, the people and the businesses that make the construction industry so great.

Hand holding mobile

The Platforms

Never miss an episode

To ensure the market never missed an episode, content was delivered in a mobile app and website. These platforms allowed real-time voting so that the audience could support their favourite team after each episode aired. The app also featured exclusive content about the teams and their experiences.

CSQ vs Tradie browser design