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Brand Identity

Brand identity is more than logos, letterheads and colour palette. It sets you apart from your competitors and, when done well, it increases the likelihood of the holy grail – brand recognition. Designing a consistent look, feel and experience to differentiate you from your competitors on all platforms is a complex and in-depth process. Giving personality to your brand requires integration of all internal and external communications. Our team of Marketers and Designers work with you to create your brand identity and provide a style guide to continue accurately reinforcing the brand through all communications, further strengthening the image audiences associate with your organisation.

Logo Design

Your logo is the face of your business, it symbolises your company and communicates who you are and what you stand. Featured on all promotional material you produce, your logo needs to be adaptable to many forms of use while standing the test of time. Designing a logo is no small task – the list of considerations are endless. Luckily, our designers have the ability to see into the future, and can design a timeless, stylish logo that will communicate who you are, and effectively represent your brand across all platforms.

Style Guide

Style guides set out specific guidelines of how marketing material should look both on and offline. If you design in house or have freelancers doing ad hoc work, design without a style guide to follow can end up diverting from the original brand identity of your company and throw off the look and feel of your organisation's image. Keeping design and visual communication in line with the brand's voice can be made incredibly simple through the creation and use of a style guide. Our designers can create an easy to understand document and templates to help you keep your website and business collateral consistent and beautiful.

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