The Website

Simplifying the User Experience

Through solid research, understanding and collaboration with Advanced Aesthetics we were able to deliver a solution that is aesthetically pleasing and creates a positive experience for the user. The website is now representative of the high level of work that Advanced Aesthetics performs and has a professional look and feel to it.

Advanced Aesthetics wanted a site that was easy to navigate and that offered various ways for the user to submit an enquiry or book a consultation. The design of the website was based around this requirement and focused on driving traffic to convert. This responsive new website lead to a dramatic increase in enquiries within the first three months after launch.

Website mockup

The Goal

Driving Traffic that Converts

The goal was to send relevant traffic to the website and convert them into a client. In the space of three months we have generated over 120 conversions through various marketing channels, such as SEO, SEM and SMM. In fact, we sent so much traffic to the website that Advanced Aesthetics said to us:

"There's been a considerable increase in calls since partnering with Klyp. Our staff have been run off their feet responding to all the enquiries – it’s fantastic".

Search Engine Marketing

Generating Conversions

The focus of this campaign was to generate online conversions. We created highly specific and targeted campaigns to drive relevant traffic to the website and paired this with landing pages that were designed to convert. Over the last three months we have continued to lower the CPC and CPA, allowing Advanced Aesthetics to get more bang for their buck, increasing their ROI.







Search Engine Optimisation

Increasing Organic Traffic

Having a brand new website and domain is essentially useless unless people can find you online. SEO was an imperative step in this multi-channel approach to marketing Advanced Aesthetics.

There was a heavy focus on creating keyword rich copy to achieve first page rankings for relevant search terms. The amount of traffic being sent organically to the website continues to increase at a substantial rate in conjunction with the number of organic conversions.

Lady with red lipstick

Social Media Marketing

Creating Awareness

To help support the ongoing SEO and SEM campaigns that were running for Advanced Aesthetics, social media marketing was used to create awareness and increase traffic to the website. This isn't to say that social media marketing didn't generate any conversions though. We created, tested and re-designed ads and targeting until we found what worked and attained the best results, which generated a number of conversions.

Advanced Aesthetics facebook page