The EDM Strategy

From email blasts to targeted sends

With a rapidly growing database of 10,000 contacts per month, our challenge was to accurately segment the database and ensure recipients received EDM content based on their purchasing habits.  This segmentation allowed highly targeted messages to be sent to smaller segments of the database, increasing conversions and doubling revenue in less than one month!

What We Did

  • Contact list segmentation and management 
  • Data-driven targeting 
  • Increased open rate with creative copy 
  • Carefully considered EDM schedule 
Eagle boys edm

The Social Strategy

Getting the most out of social

Klyp devised a social strategy which complimented Eagle Boys’ existing marketing goals and overarching strategy.   We then worked closely with the in-house team to implement an effective social strategy, providing strategic direction, content and creative templates to bring our shared vision to life.  Klyp maintained a consultation role following the initial strategic implementation, allowing the Eagle Boy’s team to implement and execute our strategy in house. 

Eagle boys facebook page and social icons