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Encrypted Data

As an eCommerce store, a high level of security was paramount to ensure personal details were secured safely. Klyp ensured that all financial exchanges occurred independently of a user’s geographic location. A payment gateway was incorporated into the HostKing website, so that users’ private information never reaches company servers. The data is encrypted before being sent from the user’s web browser directly to the selected payment provider. This means HostKing’s products are easily accessible to customers around Australia and beyond, but users are also protected.

Unique Selling Proposition

Domain Registration & Hosting All-In-One

HostKing’s unique selling proposition is that customers looking to register a domain name – which is required to create either a website or an email account, can also pay for hosting on the same platform. Hosting is required in conjunction with a domain for a website to be visible on the internet. Hosts house and maintain relevant files that when combined form a website. It’s important to know exactly where your website files are being served from, because if the server is in a different geographic region from the audience being targeted, it can slow down the speed of your website and negatively impact your search engine optimisation (SEO) ranking. Therefore, HostKing is an ideal option for Australian businesses, as the files are hosted in the same country and not overseas. Visitors to the HostKing website can create an account with login details to access their information, make updates as required, and easily manage which services they utilise.


Server With A Crown

The branding elements were designed to represent the superior quality digital services HostKing provides, in a single platform. It also visually represents the company name, “King”. This is clearly depicted in the logo, where a simplified crown is merged with a 2D outline of a server. The brand assets incorporate aspects of technology, with blue HostKing hues to instil a sense of trustworthiness. We utilised the crown element to humanise the brand, as a local Australian company, made for Australians wishing to maintain their digital presence. It also helps to communicate HostKing’s superbly combined domain and hosting service.

Hostking Branding
Hostking website design