The Portal

A cleaner, more convenient website experience.

Understanding the audience is at the heart of all of our projects.  Nomergy was no different.   User experience was a vital element of the Nomergy vision.  Klyp strived to put the user first, recognising the complexities of individual members and making their journey to health and fitness convenient and simple.  

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The Portal

Your Journey, Your Portal

We created a dedicated members portal, to allow users to access track progress on personalised goals in one place. 

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Exclusive Content

Different Every Day

Members have access to stacks exclusive content, relevant to their needs. With a wealth of resources and workouts, Nomergy members can achieve their health and fitness goals without repeating the same meals and workout every day.

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The Outcome

Fun, Easy, Integrated

Klyp created a fun and adventurous brand, which communicates the Nomergy philosophy and encourages users to achieve their health and fitness goals.  We also developed a portal and website to support this vision, making health and fitness simple, no matter what the user's goals, lifestyle or dietary requirements. 

Best of all, everything is in one in-your-pocket package - what could be easier!

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