With collaboration comes greatness

Through a design thinking-led approach, we collaborated closely with key stakeholders to gain user feedback and find out what the target market really needed.

By conducting a series of explorative workshops, we were able to gain insights from various stakeholders from across private, public and non-government organisations. Furthermore, the target users, young people in care and who had left care, were involved throughout, leading to a truly collaborative outcome.

This process resulted in a well thought-out app that successfully simplifies complex information in a 'Life Manual' approach, delivering it to users in an engaging, informative and fun way – that actually resonates with the target market.

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Creating a unique look and feel

With a solid vision for the app in place, Klyp went about developing the right look and feel for the product.

This phase involved developing a name, look and feel for the brand and of course a brandmark.

The name Sortli was created throughout this process – inspired by the phrase "sort your life out". This name was revised with the target market whose response to the name was positive.

From there, a brand toolkit was developed including the brandmark, tone of voice, colours, illustration and typography styles. These elements were used to begin design and content development of the app, bringing it from wireframes to something vibrant, lively and engaging.

Sortli mobile designs


Simplifying complexity

The final deliverable for Klyp in the Sortli project was to develop a short video to share Sortli's message with it's potential users. Combining creative direction and marketing expertise, Klyp developed a vibrant video to educate future users on the capabilities of Sortli. The outcome seamlessly integrates with all other brand touch points and definitely shouts the Sortli message loud and clear.

User Interface

Rapid prototyping to ensure the best outcomes

With our wireframes created, tested and tweaked, and a shiny new brand for the app, Klyp was able to move into the design phase of the project.

Continuing to rapid prototype, designs were tested at difference stages of their development to cement the usability of the interface.

The outcome integrated the fun, playful feel of the brand successfully, while still ensuring information was presented in a way that it would be taken seriously, be understood with ease and created an overall engaging experience for the user.

Klyp then moved into development, creating a hybrid application that gives a seamless experience over iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Sortli Android, iOS, Windows Mobiles