The Problem

Determining the need

A 2015 Employee Engagement survey indicated only 29% of employees felt the existing performance management system enabled contribution to organisational success. The survey indicated a strong desire to include regular, authentic and personalised conversations focusing on the employee’s goals, development and career.

“There is room for improvement in understanding individual's capabilities vs engagement. Top-down communication is very poor and opportunities to raise issues on development is limited and at times no actions taken or feedback given”

2 people in a meeting

The Idea

Replacing the need for conventional reviews

Annual reviews are a thing of the past - too formal and uninspiring. WSP|Parsons Brinckerhoff has developed a new people development program, Thrive, with the specific purpose of supporting managers and employees to have regular and authentic performance and development conversations.

Communication symbols

Thrive's Capabilities

Developing a customised digital solution that

  • Captures conversations, goals, actions & feedback
  • Connects employees & managers
  • Provides evidence of education & up-skilling
  • Works across across devices & location


An engaging user experience

An intuitive dashboard was designed to create conversation and complete and action items quickly and efficiently, the portal was designed and built with the user in mind. 

We designed and built a responsive system that works on mobile, tablet and desktop. Thrive is simple, easy to use and navigate and facilitates the natural flow of communication and reporting.

Thrive mobile designs

The Portal

Record, track and share

The Thrive portal is built to facilitate employee goal progression and feedback, conversation tracking and highlight positive career experiences.

Klyp created an innovative and engaging portal that allows employees to keep track and own their own development and career goals.

Thrive desktop design


The results

Since implementing the Thrive Portal some great quantitiative and qualitative reuslts have been rendered, with a significant increase in performance manaement satisfaction and almost one thousand active employees getting on board.