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Heat Mapping

Heat mapping is a graphic representation of how people use your website. This process is done as a part of the optimisation, measurment and assessment of the health and usability of your website, indicating where people click and eventually exit your website, and identifying gaps or weaknesses in the user flow. From this information, improvements can be made to guide users through the website more effectively and efficiently, ensuring that the information people are most interested in is prioritised, and that conersion paths are optimised. Our marketing team is able to assess your website after a test period of heat mapping installed on your website and provide you with recommendations for better user experience, functionality and buyer journeys.

Landing Pages

Great landing pages are the quiet achievers of the web. Having the wrong landing page means that the campaigns you are running to drive traffic to your site will be unsuccess despite amazing copy, design and offer. A landing page is what gets conversions. Landing page design and copy work together to get conversions, and if the landing page is irrelevant, confusing or has no clear call to action, your users will fail to convert. Luckily, our marketing and design experts have many, many years of experience in developing landing pages that get our customers results!

A/B Testing

A/B testing allows you to hedge your bets. Try two things at once, be it different landing pages for a campaign, two sets of ad copy, or promotional offers, and test which are more appealing to your customers. We use A/B testing to optimise for conversions and get the most out of budgets across SEM and Social Media advertising, you name it! We then compare the results and gauge which campaign works better – best of all we will have a good indication of why, and can move forward with solid reasoning and analytics behind future campaigns to drive better results.

Google Analytics

What would we do without Google Analytics?! It's where we go for anything and everything to do with website and campaign performance. When we build or assist a client with a website, the first thing we do is make sure they have Google Analytics installed (or GA as we so fondly call it), to check where people are potentially dropping off, and what kind of issues we may be dealing with. From there we use Google Analytics to track, optimise and assess the success of anything that leads the user through to the website. We then base our actions going forward on actual data, to ensure everything is working toward getting the best results possible.

Reporting and Insights

Reporting and insights are what keeps us on our toes. Reports are one way to ensure we are getting the best results we can for our customers every month. We produce in-depth reports for all our Marketing clients on a monthly basis, offering meetings to answer any questions you have about the report and your account performance, and make recommendations for strategies going forward. Upon request, further insights can be made available, and additional testing can be carried out to get further information. There is nothing better than having a wealth of data to point you in the direction of success!

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