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EDM Design

There is nothing worse than getting an email in your inbox that is obviously a bulk send – no one wants that. Our team of designers and expert developers have the ability to create amazing email templates to reach your customers in their inbox. Customising your email templates for different stages of your customers' purchase cycle can boost sales exponentially - if the template looks awesome sitting in your inbox why wouldn’t your customer click on it? We can also help you develop your EDM template to match your branding, messaging and goals – it’s one of the most effective ways of engaging with your customers and we can help you do it right!

Campaign Management

Need an expert to manage your bulk SMS or EDM campaigns? We can provide strategies for increasing engagement through action based SMS and EDM systems. Someone makes a booking on your website? Send them an SMS to remind them. Someone makes a purchase on your website and a similar product is added to your range? You can automatically let your past customers know, and maybe bring them back to your site. Our experienced team of marketers, designers and developers work together to keep your customers engaged and informed, getting the best possible results for your business!


Optimisation is the backbone of any campaign with analytics providing direction. The power of Google Analytics together with the expertise and insights of our Marketing Team means we are always striving for constant improvement. Optimising, testing, monitoring and retesting again is a daily task of campaign management, moving it ever closer to reaching your target market and bringing in new leads. As an agency, we love trying new things to get amazing results for our clients, this means we need to be nimble, fast, and of course have the best tools for measuring our efforts and optimising campaigns to you the best results!


Reporting is awesome. It’s a chance for us to check in and collate what we have done over the course of the month, assess its overall success and bring you the good news. We let you know what we've done, what the results were, and how we plan to optimise and expand our efforts. We pull the insights you are most interested in, explain what they mean and what caused them, and judging by these results, we recommend a path to continue futher campaign growth – with the ultimate focus on helping you reach your goals.

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