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Cloud Hosting

We provide a series of options for cloud hosting your website and accommodate high traffic complex systems. Cloud based hosting is offered as a service rather than buying actual space, giving you a variety of options depending on your organisational needs. The biggest benefit is you have a fixed price to pay, based on the space you need! Cloud hosted websites are connected to a series of servers, and if one fails, your website will continue to run, pulling resource from remaining servers. The service is also scalable – you can upgrade your website and hosting as needed without the worry. We also offer 24/7 admin support to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Dedicated Hosting

If your hosting needs are advanced, we can provide dedicated hosting where we offer a server that stores your assets only, not sharing the space with anyone else. Whether it's your emails, database, website or anything that requires a large amount of space, this server would be used by you alone. This option is recommended for businesses that have a large amount of data being reached by a number of people at any one time. This ensures that there is enough space for content and the server has the ability to manage a large number of visitors without interrupting the service altogether.


The most popular solution is ahiving a cPanel account. This gives you access to the management panel for your hosted e-mails, websites and databases. You can upload your website using FTP or a web-based file manager. You can also do additional backups whenever you like, or easily migrate the whole cPanel account within different hosting providers. It's easy to change and maintain the hosting package based on your hosting needs and future growth.

Reseller options

We also offer our clients the option to resell our services to your own clients. You can create and manage accounts yourself within the Klyp server environment, using our server space and 24/7 support options to facilitate the smooth running of your clients hosting without interruption.

DNS Management

We can take care of all the behind the scenes management of your domain name to ensure it functions as it should. Let us worry about the details while you concentrate on what you do best.

Wide Range Of Domains

We can provide a wide range of domains to suit your needs ranging from .com,, .co, .net, .org, and Purchasing a domain name with us allows you to create subdomains, and manage the DNS addresses yourself along with other adjustments through your cPanel account. You can also purchase a domain with us and then host and manage it elsewhere - we will accommodate your specific needs and can recommend the best options for you.

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