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  • Concept Development
  • Project management
  • Media Buying
  • Execution & Rollout

Concept Development

Design concept development is the best part of a new design project. Not only do designers get to explore all the possibilities of graphics, fonts, user interactions and colour palette, but they think about what your users need and the actions you want them to take online. During the concept stage, our team sit down and discuss the problem that you are trying to solve through building a website or app, and work to facilitate that through the design process. We put together a team to brainstorm and ‘think outside the box’, coming up with a range of solutions and scenarios to come back to you with an amazing concept for your project.

Project management

The best thing about being a full service agency is that the team works together to ensure that we are providing you with exactly what you need to reach your goals. Your account manager works on your behalf within the company with creative, development and marketing departments to ensure that your project is on track, and all of your needs are accounted for before we present anything to you. We handle all technical details, organise what needs to be done, and make suggestions as we work alongside you to get the best possible results from your designs, campaigns and overall Klyp partnership.

Media Buying

Klyp is able to suggest and negotiate placements to display your beautifully designed ads. We can take care of specifications in regards to how publications and media outlets need assets laid out – for example, Google Ads have a variety of sizes they use across platforms. We can also assist you in promoting media space you have already bought, creating artwork and landing pages, and making sure that your campaign will reach as much of your target audience as possible.

Execution & Rollout

Being a full service agency, we have the resources and personnel to work on your project from conception to roll out and beyond. We work with you to develop concepts, design, distribution and marketing plans, and build your online platform or content to your specifications. Our departments work together to find the best solution, opportunity and system with the same goal in mind – getting you where you need to be. We specialise in executing highly polished and effective solutions, and work with your team to get your project off the ground efficiently and cost effectively – all the while providing impeccable service and support.

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