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Great Mobile App Design hinges on intuitive User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) which enable you to streamline the experience for your users as they move through your app. People want to take as few steps as possible to get to where they want to go. If your user doesn’t see what they want in the first few seconds on your App they are unlikely to use it again, and may even delete it from their device. That’s where our app designers come in. They figure out what people are looking for, mapping out the easiest path and making the mobile app user-friendly and helpful – delivering the experience and information effectively and efficiently to keep users coming back for more!

User Journeys & Stories

A user journey is a series of steps that a user would take while using your mobile app during a simulated scenario. Designers map out the steps that users are anticipated to take to get to your products or services page, all the way through to the buy or enquire button. Customer journey mapping allows a designer to understand what users are looking for and accommodate them at different stages of the user journey, ensuring that there are no gaps in the design and information provided. As a part of the UX design discovery stage, our app designers will create user journeys to help identify possible functionality and behaviour patterns, and determine the flow and goals of users as they use your mobile app.

Responsive Design

Mobile search rates are increasing all the time, and recent studies done by Google show that 82% of smartphone users turn to their phones when looking for local businesses. These stats place increasing importance on the compatibility and responsiveness of your online touchpoints. Imagine then that you download an app where you struggle to click the buttons or have to scroll left or right – it’s a bad look. Luckily, we design all of our apps to be responsive across all platforms ensuring you can reach any user on any device.

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