Results driven marketing.

Eagle Boys approached Klyp to assist in the refinement of their digital marketing systems and undertake an audit of their marketing department. By working closely with Eagle Boys we have successfully refined their digital marketing and implemented processes, leading to a 300% increase in revenue in just three short months.

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The SEM Strategy

Our SEM strategy and optimisation has had stellar results.

By analysing Eagle Boy's existing SEM campaigns, Klyp highlighted numerous opportunities to optimise the account which helped increase revenue from paid search by $1M

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The EDM Strategy

From email blasts to targeted sends

With a rapidly growing database of 10,000 contacts per month, our challenge was to accurately segment the database to ensure recipients receive the perfect mix of frequency and content based on their ordering habits. This allowed us to send highly targeted messages to smaller segments of the database, increasing conversions and doubling revenue in less than a month.

What We Did

  • list refinementList refinement
  • targeted sendsTargeted sends
  • improved subject linesImproved subject lines
  • analysisAnalysis on best times to send

The social strategy

Getting the most out of social.

We provided a social strategy around EBs current marketing goals and plan.

Working with their inhouse team we implemented a strategy by providing weekly briefs, concepts and templates to bring the social to life.

Then trained and managed internal design and marketing team at EB to execute the strategy in house, with Klyp maintaining a consultation role.

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Pretty cool stuff, right? Now, meet the team who made it all happen.

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