Development with the user at heart.

With ready-made meals on the rise, Foodvine recognised that deciding which meals to choose can be frustrating and cumbersome. Foodvine approached us with a concept, encompassing the primary goal of comparing the latest ready-made meals in a simple and informative layout. Thus, Foodvine.com.au was born.


Ready-Made Meals On the Go

Foodvine was designed and developed from a ‘mobile first’ perspective. This means that our thinking and design was based around mobile usage, then expanded out for tablet, laptop and desktop screens.

The challenge for Klyp was to provide a rich source of information, while keeping it in an easy to digest (pardon the pun) format. Functionality and an easy to use interface was pivotal in the development of the Foodvine website, ensuring that healthy eating was as easy and achievable!

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Foodvine convenience of mobile


Developed With the User in Mind

Using a set of rules and algorithms, Klyp developed the Foodvine website to calculate a “Foodvine Rating” based on the nutritional value of the meal. These ratings range from Okay, Good and Great to make it even easier to see which is right for you.

Eliminate tough meal choices by narrowing down the search to categories such as Weight Loss, Top Rated and High Protein. Alternatively, users can also sort by locations, key ingredients and a variety of dietary and allergy requirements so you can have peace of mind when it comes to your health and wellbeing.


Can’t Decide which Meal to Choose?

So you’ve found a couple of meals that you are considering purchasing. But which ones do you choose? Simply select the Add to Compare button on any of the products, click ‘Compare’ and viola! Up to three products can be compared at any one time which will display the nutritional values of those meals side-by-side. Comparing nutrition has never been easier.

Pretty cool stuff, right? Now, meet the team who made it all happen.

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