Meet the art of content management system.

Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts


Content Management System

We all know that content is king.

A powerful and robust content management system is the backbone of a great website for both authors and end users.

We have built our very own CMS which allows you to manage your e-commerce, website, email and SMS marketing from the one access point.

Content Management System

You just need to focus on content.


Design by Tell Creative

And as we created it in-house, we can completely customise it to do everything you need it to do, including this unique events spotlight exclusive to the Judith Wright Centre

Responsive Design

Content Management System

But does it work on mobile?

Our CMS is built with mobile in mind which means you only have to update content once and have it displayed perfectly on both the mobile and desktop versions of the website.

Content Management System

Full power, total control!

Our powerful in page editor gives you total control of your content and empowers you to easily make updates.


Pretty cool stuff, right? Now, meet the team who made it all happen.

Yes Please!