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Google Adwords

PPC advertising is one of the most effective and targeted advertising campaigns avaliable. The incredible power of Google mixed with the expertise of our accredited AdWords professionals leads to what you need most – sales. We manage, target and optimise your PPC advertising account, opening up your business to targeted, measurable and effective campaigns to compliment your digital and traditional marketing strategies. Our focus is your focus and at the end of every month we send you a report where we assess the past months’ results and make a plan to improve and optimise your results.

Display Network

The Display Network is a fantastic option for getting your brand out there – display campaigns drive potential customers to your website, capturing new customers or bringing old ones back. The Display Network allows you to create ads using text, image, and interactive and video formats, leaving your options wide open to try new things to get potential customers attention across the extensive network. Our PPC display experts ensure you’ll get bang for your buck, placing, optimising and managing your Google Display Network account, delivering a report on the health of your campaign each month, optimising and planning for improvement in the month to come.


The low-key stalker of the internet, remarketing helps you reach people who have already been on your website or used your app. This can happen even when they are searching for things unrelated to your products or services. Remarketing can be used to target people who have visited a certain page or performed a certain action (like abandoning items in their cart), or it can help to re-engage with those who have purchased from you before. Our remarketing experts can segment, target and optimise your campaign to bring a potential customer back onto your website – after all, it’s easier to get someone who already knows you to come back!

Bing and Yahoo

Bing and Yahoo are not platforms people often talk about when it comes to PPC Advertising – but they can do awesome things to get your brand out there! Users are engaged, loyal and most of all advertising with them is more cost effective than Google. Bing and Yahoo have fewer advertisers vying for the same advertising space, meaning it's more likely you will get your ads in prime position for a cost that is not inflated by competition. Although Google has more users on their platform, Bing and Yahoo have more granular targeting options which may make it the right option for you.

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