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Community Management

Community management is the everyday maintenance of your social media presence. A community manager is often the first in line to any complaints and queries that appear on your social media channels. They are the front line staff who help drive your social presence, sales and grow your brand. Social media’s main role is to engage and humanise your brand for your followers, and the key to this is to personalise messages, and listen and respond to your customers. We believe that by effectively managing and growing your online community, you have the opportunity to reach a multitude of potential and existing customers – a valuable effort in itself.

Reputation Management

Your reputation follows you wherever you go, and this has never been more true now that everything is online. Social media can be a place for all kinds of negativity, but we have the ability to reduce the risk with our marketing team's expertise. Reputation is all about what is perceived by people outside of your company. Public relations nightmares can often come out of nowhere. An unclear or misunderstood press release, or someone hacking your social media account can lead to a huge backlash, and cause significant damage to your brand if you don't have a plan on how to manage reactions of your stakeholders. We can help monitor and flag warning signs of potential issues, and help you manage them before things get out of hand.

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