Advertising’s in their best Pinterest

  • 26th September 201326/09/2013
Monetising social media can be a dirty concept to the sites’ fans, particularly as they have enjoyed unfettered access to a world where they have invested so much of their selves. The idea of commercialising Pinterest will be no different, but marketers will be rubbing their hands with glee.

Behold, the new creation [S]

  • 11th September 201311/09/2013
But has the shiny iPhone lost its lustre? We think not. Despite Samsung nipping at its heels, Android trying limply to exterminate Apple and Windows, trying to buy in too late (as usual), let’s see what Apple have come back with this time. Apple CEO, Tim Cook ended all speculation at Apple’s Cupertino, Calif., headquarters. It looks like it’s a true return to form.

New LinkedIn uni features are all class!

  • 28th August 201328/08/2013
It started as a networking tool for professionals, largely ignored by the greater part of the world’s population. Then something happened. In the space of 18 months, people began to catch on. It was no longer the realm of marketing gurus and C level management. Teachers were joining, retailers, tradespeople, actors. The groundswell means LinkedIn [...]

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Story bumps and last actors take centre stage in the latest Facebook changes

  • 12th August 201312/08/2013
To an outsider, Facebook is a dark art. Why don’t you see everyone’s posts anymore? Don’t they like you? Why do they change things that appear to be working? Why does something that’s supposed to be fun have to be so confusing? Recently, Facebook set about trying to answer some of those questions, lifting the [...]

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All eyes on the prize for small to medium enterprises

  • 31st July 201331/07/2013
As a company that offers Learning Management Systems and eLearning services, we’re always supportive of businesses that value innovation through training. Now it’s time to celebrate the achievements of Brisbane’s best.This week Klyp is proud to sponsor the Queensland Training Awards (Metropolitan Regional) that happen on Friday night at Moda Events, Portside.The awards, the state’s [...]

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New insights flame the fans and highlight hot data

  • 25th July 201325/07/2013
If your company has social media incorporated into your marketing plan, the following information will push all the right buttons.New changes to the Facebook dashboard has made the whole experience of managing your presence fun and we're not talking about the kind of fun that involves poking people or tending your digital farm. We're talking [...]

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