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The 13 Best 2019 Super Bowl Ads - Advertiser's Edition

It’s the event that comes once a year, where American sports fans paint their faces and get far too excited over sport, while the rest of us excitedly await the series of hilarious ads to surface online.

The Super Bowl is here, and us advertisers are always served up a treat of high quality ads filled with celebrity cameos, and clever ideas. We know we’re getting the best of the best, because these companies spent approx. 5.25 million on a single 30-second spot this year.

So our Klypsters collected the best of this year’s Super Bowl commercials in one place for your viewing pleasure:

13. Coke -

Coke, the brand who usually banks on selling a bottle of happiness, has delivered up a small spot highlighting how coke brings us together. A little positivity and togetherness goes a long way!

12. Pringles -

Everyone’s favourite chip in a can gave us an ad that has a little humour, but the part that had us excited was them finally using the fact that you can stack flavours together to their advantage.

11. Bon & Viv spiked seltzer -

While this ad is not particularly ground-breaking and is selling us a drink we don’t have access to, it does have a fun twist at the end that provides a small internal chuckle.

10. Yellow Tail -

Most of us are familiar with Yellow Tail, but this ad gave a nice personality to the brand that made us want to go grab a bottle right now just to have a little of what they were having.

9. Hyundai -

Jason Bateman makes an appearance as an elevator assistant, which is the role we never knew we needed him in. However, Jason isn’t the star of this ad, the strange elevator of uncomfortable situations is.

8. Planters -

Planters gave us a fun, stupid ad, that made us laugh because why not? It doesn’t say much beyond, 'eat our peanuts because they are better'… but it sold us.

7. Olay -

In this 30-second comedic ad set in a horror, Olay finds time to pitch you on their anti-aging product amidst a murder in progress. Enough said.

6. Bumble -

We’re all for female empowerment, and this Bumble ad starring Serena Williams empowers women to take control of what they want and to go and get it. #GirlPower.

5. Google Translate -

I’m not crying, you are. Google always knows how to serve up ads that hit you right in the soul. We need more messages like this, and that’s why this is a favourite for our Kylpsters.

4. Michelob ULTRA -

Michelob capitalises on a big online video trend in their 2019 spot, and I don’t know about you, but we’ve never felt so at peace and in need of a thirst-quenching beer.

3. Stella Artois -

Stella Artois gives us everything we need by bringing everyone’s favourite heart-eyed, fashionable journalist, Carrie Bradshaw back on our screens. This one is a little clever and provides some quality laughs.

2. Pepsi -

Pepsi killed it this year with a hilarious ad starring Steve Carrel, and some other quick cameos, to make you reconsider how you say ‘Is a Pepsi, okay?’

1. Bubly -

Bubly delivered a hilarious spot that cleverly associates Michael Bublé with their brand in a very memorable way, that will definitely have people sharing.

The Super Bowl ads are always the highlight for us when the big game comes around and they highlight the importance of thinking outside of the box and making a lasting impression in a short amount of time. With a lot of digital advertising heading towards video and visual content, it might be time to take some notes on what you did or didn’t like about this year’s ads.

We hope we brightened your day with a few laughs & positive messages, now pay it forward and share the feeling with your colleagues!

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