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5 Australian Women Killing it in the Digital Business 

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, we’ve compiled a list of our most admired women in digital.  

These talented ladies are busy owning, managing and founding amazing digital businesses.  “Killing It” in the traditionally male-dominated industry of tech is not easy, so we tip our hats to these amazing women, and the many others pioneering their respective fields.  

Janet Ward - Host Queen at Host King 

Host King was born and bred in Bowen Hills, Brisbane by Janet Ward - one of the first female CEO's to run and own a hosting company in Australia. As an established woman in the Brisbane small business community, Janet Ward works to inspire ambitious and driven women who strive to create and succeed with a small business of their own, given that female small business owners in Australia still only account for 33% of the market.   We reckon Janet is doing a great job by leading the charge for female business owners in the traditionally male-dominated industry of tech.  Janet also happens to be a Klypster!

Prue Krook - Marketing Manager at Klyp

As the Marketing Manager at Klyp, Prue Krook loves leading clients and her team towards holistic, fruitful and long-lasting marketing success. Prue began her career marketing sporting and professional talent to the Australian event & speaking industry, while also spearheading innovative fundraising efforts for a collection of charities and not-for-profits through the Australian Rugby Union network. Then moving onto the educational and retail sectors, Prue gained unparalleled experience in the direct to consumer space, while establishing herself as a respected all-around digital marketer.  Finally finding herself agency-side, Prue’s unique digital marketing experience has helped numerous small, medium and corporate companies around Australia achieve and exceed their desired online goals through innovative and effective campaigns.  

Ale Wiecek - Chief Empathy Officer at Sqr One

Digital Transformation and User Experience has been a vital part of Ale’s 17 years’ experience working for multinational organisations across 3 continents. Now as the Founder and Chief Empathy Officer at Sqr One, Ale is on a mission to bring her expertise on topics such as Empathy, Customer and User Experience Mapping, Digital Transformation, and Design Thinking to small and large businesses and organisations.  Ale and her team strive to help clients reach their target audience in an efficient way, driven by insights, data, and human centred design. Sqr One has a strong emphasis on CX (Customer Experience) and EX (Employee Experience). The digital world moves so quickly, and so do millenials.  Ale quickly recognised this and endeavored to provide fantastic EX to help businesses attract and gain top talent in a sustainable way.  Ale has built her own digital business all while being a mum of two which is why we think she’s killing it in digital.  

If you're interested in Ale’s ideas, you might want to come along a Klyp sponsored event, Hard Refresh.  Ale and two other talented digital magicians will be there to talk about User Experience for Effective Marketing on March 20th! Tickets available here

Melanie Perkins - Founder of Canva

Melanie is the founder of the popular graphic design website called Canva. Canva launched in 2013 and currently has 10 million users. It’s available in 47 languages and 179 countries. Today Canva is valued at $1 billion and is run from Melanie’s headquarters in Sydney. Back in 2006 Melanie was studying in Perth before dropping out and following her instincts and traveling to California to meet with an investor named Bill Tai. Melanie noticed a gap in the market that hadn't been tapped into before - a photo editing and template software that didn’t take a whole university semester just to learn the basics of. With Canva the user is able to create quick content with what feels like endless templates covering documents, marketing materials, social posts, resumes, and much more. The platform requires little to no training and is something that the average person is able to pick up very quickly on. That intuitiveness is what Melanie was striving for. A platform that was online, collaborative, and much simpler to use. Creating Canva has made the lives of so many marketing managers easier which is why we believe Melanie is killing it in digital. 

Zoë Foster Blake - Founder of Go-To Skincare

Zoë Foster Blake is a Melbourne based beauty entrepreneur who owns Go-To Skincare. In addition to absolutely smashing it in the beauty industry, Zoë has written 8 books and was the beauty director at Cosmopolitan and Harper’s BAZAAR. And if that’s not enough, she also had her own beauty blog where she reviews the latest beauty products. Throughout that time Zoë states that she learned so much about what women (and men) loved and hated about brands that it inspired her to create a no-nonsense skincare line. Zoë has put so much of her own personality into her line which is evident by the playful packaging and hidden jokes throughout the instructions. The entire website is filled with playful illustrations and her signature bright peach branding. Her authenticity is what has made her stand against the grain and that’s why we believe that she is absolutely killing it in Digital.