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The 8 Most Useful Free Marketing Tools for Marketers!

We love how exciting life as a marketer can be!  With constant platform updates, innovations and new tools produced almost every second, it can be hard to keep up.  

To help you filter through the latest and greatest, we’ve compiled a list of what our Klypsters consider to be the most useful free marketing tools of the moment!  These are all tried and tested, many of which our team use on a daily basis. 

1- Google Tag Assistant

While measurement and metrics may seem dry, they are so vital to the ongoing success of marketing campaigns.  This handy little tool allows you to check on the status of your Google Analytics and Tag Manager accounts on any landing page or website you might want to monitor.   This nifty Chrome extension checks whether Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and other Google codes are installed & working correctly. You’ll never miss collecting any important data again!

2- Hellobar

Leads, leads and more leads! As marketers, we’re always chasing them! This tool is really simple to use, and totally transforms the lead generation process. The Hellobar Free Account  has everything you need to create a great personalised pop-up on your website to start promoting events, new products, discounts and of course,  newsletter subscriptions. 

3- HotJar

We suppose you’ve been using Google Analytics to analyse the behaviour of users on your website.  Little did you know, a helpful tool called HotJar helps complement these metrics with some insights that you can’t get from analytics. While there are paid versions, to start the free one is a great option. What can you get with the Free HotJar version? Well, you’ll have access to Analytics tools such as heatmaps to know which parts of your website the visitors are spending more time on. There are also Feedback tools to listen to your users opinion through forms and polls. To top it all off, you can integrate HotJar with one of the most commonly used CRM’s, Hubspot.

4- Grammarly

It’s one of our favourites! Marketers are always writing - not matter if it’s an email, blog post, social media post or any type of advertisement, we’re always writing. That’s why this browser extension is brilliant. It’s simple to use and with the free account, you can say goodbye to grammatical, punctuation or spelling errors! 

5- Word Tracker Scout

When it comes to keyword planning for your blog or website we’ve got many free tools that help you to find the best options. One of the main questions we ask as marketers when keyword planning is, “What are our competitors doing, and which keywords are they ranking for?” This information is key to complete your keyword strategy, and with Word Tracker Scout you’re able to do it in a fast and efficient way. This powerful Chrome Extension provides you with keyword metrics of the website you’re visiting. As soon as you’ve got it installed you just need to press the “W” button and you will have access to the following chart: 

6- Pocket

Staying up-to-date is essential when you’re a marketer. Technology and digital marketing are evolving so fast that there is something new to learn about everyday. We bet you have a lot of newsletter and blog subscriptions that you read daily, right? But sometimes we are just not able to read an article, watch a video or listen to a podcast as soon as we receive them. Pocket is the solution for that! It’s a simple Browser Extension where you can save all types of content and read whenever you have the time to do it. There is also an App version, making it even easier to read, watch or listen everything you’ve saved at any time or place.

7- Buffer 

Social Media scheduling can be so time consuming. Buffer allows you to schedule social posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Google + at the same time! We love the easy drag-and-drop calendar format which gives a report on each posts performance and has the unique option to re-post the most popular ones!


8- Campaign URL Builder

Struggling to create UTM tracking codes? This tool has got you covered. No more spending a ridiculous amount of time creating UTM’s for your campaigns. With this tool, you just need to follow the steps and your UTM will be ready to go! 

It’s easy to get lost with so many Marketing Tools on the market, as these ones are just a few of the variety we have available to us nowadays. The first step to knowing which tools to use is setting your marketing goals and building a clear Marketing Plan. If you need help creating some effective S.M.A.R.T goals, our team has a created a template to help out! Once your S.M.A.R.T goals are set you can figure out which tools will be most helpful to drive your business to success!

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