By Prudence | | in Marketing

It’s unusual that a tool from an advertiser you’re spending money with can actually save you marketing dollars, but we’re happy to say that when it comes to the Facebook Pixel, it does just that!

The Facebook Pixel, also known as the Facebook Retargeting Pixel, is a snippet of code that we can insert into the back end of your website. Just like other tags, it can track and boost business ROI and decode key performance metrics generated by a particular platform. But it does so much more than that! Here’s why it’s so powerful.

It’s strategic

In simple terms, the aim of the Facebook Pixel is to help us figure out what’s working and what’s not when it comes to your marketing. It can help us fine-tune your strategy by determining what types of ads lead to actual action, what leads are converting into paying customers, and what your campaign ROI is.

Pixel insights can also help us drive your advertising across your entire business outside of Facebook. We can use the learned insights to drive your content marketing, SEO strategy, pay-per-click campaigns and even your print campaigns!

It’s specific

The detail of the data the Facebook Pixel provides is really one of its best assets. It can tell us what times of day your ads are converting well, and allows us to build custom audiences to tailor your messaging. Creating custom conversations allows us to engage with users who have already shown interest, and they’re a lot more valuable than just targeting a general group of Facebook users.

Armed with this data, we can then customize your ad campaign right down to the finest detail, which will ultimately result in better leads with users who are ready to do business with you straight away.

“Once we had Facebook conversion tracking in place and started using Custom Audiences, we saw a huge uplift in sales. Facebook ads became ROI-positive for us from day one!” A satisfied Facebook Pixel user.

It’s targeted

Creating custom conversations are ideal because they’re relevant and tailored, however what if you’re looking to reach beyond just your best customers? That's where Lookalike Audiences come in. If we install the Facebook Retargeting Pixel, Facebook will automatically generate Facebook Remarketing Ads, allowing you to reach ideal prospects similar to your custom audience. Basically, we work on sending dynamic ads to audiences who start to take actions that indicate they might be interested in your products or services.

Generally there are three types of people you want to track in a campaign. Those that click through to your landing page but don’t progress, those that click through to the landing page then the sales page but don’t submit a payment, and those that make it all the way through to the ‘Check Out’ and ‘Thankyou’ pages.

If we add Facebook Pixels to certain pages, users will then be added to an ‘audience’ that can be either targeted with tailored Facebook Ads to push them to another page, or if they’ve already purchased, we can create an entirely new campaign and cross-sell them on another product.

The best part about the Facebook Retargeting Pixel is that it’s all done automatically. Once we’ve implanted it on your relevant pages, audiences will be continuously updated as your visitors visit different pages!

It’s versatile

If you have a low-traffic website, we can optimise an earlier, high-volume action first. For example, if your ultimate goal is online sales, we can optimise ‘Add to basket’ or ‘Products’ before switching back to ‘Purchase’. This is particularly valuable if your ads aren’t delivering the cut-through you’re after.

If your website is powered by an e-commerce platform like Shopify, Magento or BigCommerce, we can also easily install the Facebook Pixel, create a product catalogue and then start running dynamic ads. The Facebook Pixel can also track conversion data across mobile websites and it will let us know when users view your ads on one device but then convert on another.

It’s optimizable

To get even more from your Facebook Pixel, we can set up events and figure out how your prospects are behaving on your website, which will provide us with valuable reporting information. These events will allow us to track a customer’s journey from viewing product pages right through to making a purchase, and give you an insight into your campaign’s ROI. By measuring all the steps along that journey, we can optimise and measure your ads for the types of conversions that mean the most to your business. We can then create Facebook remarketing campaigns based on what we’ve learned from certain events.

The beauty of Facebook Remarketing Ads is that we track not just views and simple clicks but dynamic events. We can then optimize all of your ads for very specific, desired actions on your website. For example, if you want to grow your email database, we can create a targeted ad that encourages users to sign up for your newsletter. If you want to create a list of leads, we can optimise your ad to drive traffic to your contact forms and then use the Facebook Pixel to measure how effective that strategy was.

The most valuable users to your business are those that have clicked through and stayed for a bit longer – either to browse your website’s pages or even add something to their cart. With the Facebook Pixel we can also delay your event tracking by the desired number of seconds, which will eliminate ‘quick-bouncers’ (who probably won’t purchase anyway) and focus on more qualified leads for you.

It’s a money saver!

If a click-through isn’t leading to an action or a user is just leaving the second they hit your page, then your ads aren’t working effectively. They have either reach the wrong customer or they had the wrong message.

The Facebook Pixel makes sure your marketing dollars are spent on what they should be – bringing real and qualified leads to your website. So it not only gives you detailed insights into your target audience and a higher return on investment, it means more marketing cash in your pocket!

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