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  • 17th February 201717/02/2017
The internet has made us impatient. Find out why page load speed is important, the different factors that cause a page to load slowly and how you can combat these issues.

The Long Road of Consistent Change

  • 8th February 201708/02/2017
Managing Director Chris Byrnes discusses the ongoing goals that Klyp has set and the changes, challenges and achievements that we have tackled and accomplished as a company.

The New & Improved Facebook Pixel

  • 26th January 201726/01/2017
Facebook is revolutionising its existing conversion tracking pixel and custom audience pixel! Continue reading to find out how Facebook is changing things up.

8 Digital Predictions for 2017

  • 19th December 201619/12/2016
When it comes to the digital realm technologies are advancing at an alarmingly fast rate. Take a look at Klyp's digital predictions for 2017.

The Changing Customer Journey

  • 22nd November 201622/11/2016
The customer journey is dramatically changing across every business and if you haven't started to address this you're going to be left behind. Read more to find out how you can stay up to date.

Digital Revolution

  • 11th November 201611/11/2016
To put it simply, it's all about digital technology changing the world. That shouldn’t be big news to anybody. We are all living in it and experiencing it right now in some way, shape or form.

The Rise of Customisable Snapchat Geofilters

  • 26th September 201626/09/2016
Snapchat geofilters can be a creative and fun way to reach a different audience segment, increase brand awareness and engage your current brand community.

Effective User Experience - 5 Essential Tips

  • 14th September 201614/09/2016
Effective user experience design is critical to customer relationships, user adoption and satisfaction. In fact, UX design is one of the most important factors to consider in the digital age, don’t get left behind!