Periscope - How Does It Compare?

  • 28th February 201628/02/2016
Social media is fickle - and so are its users. The newest social media app Periscope brings together two things that people love - instant and video!

Facebook Update - So Many Reactions!

  • 24th February 201624/02/2016
Facebook update - Last night was the night Facebook globally rolled out a new update allowing users to express themselves - through Emojis!

7 Steps To Better Brand Engagement

  • 18th February 201618/02/2016
'Brand engagement' is so buzzword, we all know it's important and makes sense in theory - the how is a little more foggy. Here are our thoughts, tips and tricks!

Lorem ipsum - What the What?

  • 12th February 201612/02/2016
Lorem ipsum is a commonly used placeholder, but why do designers and developers use it? And what does it mean?