What Is A Full Stack Developer, Really?

  • 21st January 201621/01/2016
In the digital world there are different specialists for different areas. Should a full stack developer be called something different? Read more to find out!

2015 Tech Trends in Review

  • 10th December 201510/12/2015
We made 2015 tech trends predictions in Marketing, Creative, Mobile and Development - click here to see if we were right!

Resolve - The Workshop

  • 7th December 201507/12/2015
A workshop is a great way to gain a greater understanding of your client and target audience - we conducted one recently with NSW FACS, check it out!

The Workshop Process - Combine your Tools

  • 30th November 201530/11/2015
The Workshop process marks the beginning of a collaborative process - to cover all your needs. What are the benefits of doing a workshop before beginning work?

Instagram Ads - The New Kid On The Block

  • 19th November 201519/11/2015
Instagram Ads were released on the 30th of September 2015 and Klyp are all over it! Check out our tips and tricks from our Marketing team!

UX and UI - Designing for Humans

  • 6th November 201506/11/2015
UX and UI are inextricably linked to good design - they come together to make digital design human. Here's the process!