8 Digital Predictions for 2017

When it comes to the digital realm, nothing is static. Digital technologies and advancements are progressing at an alarmingly fast rate, oftentimes surpassing the progression of relevant rules and regulations surrounding these technologies. In light of these advancements, the Klyp team sat down and discussed what we think 2017 holds for digital. Without further ado, we present to you our prediction on the digital trends of 2017!

When it comes to marketing, digital channels have well and truly overtaken traditional methods. Swap out the flyer drop, sub in subscription services and you’ve got marketing in 2017 sorted! Not sure what we’re on about yet? Keep reading, it’ll all make sense.

1. Online Marketplaces

It is evident that online shopping is a force to be reckoned with, but we’ll let you in on a secret, there is a new big player in town. Online marketplaces and aggregated shopping channels, such as eBay, Gumtree and Amazon are emerging in force, so much so that even Facebook has jumped on the bandwagon. Marketplace is Facebook’s new feature that allows people to buy and sell goods within Facebook and it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to emerging digital marketplaces.

2. Subscription Services

They’re convenient and take the guilt out of receiving a never ending supply of non-essential items. Subscription services allow individuals to receive weekly or monthly deliveries of certain goods that are purchased via direct debit, allowing for the disassociation of the purchase value with the products received. Already we are seeing the increase in these services, with anything from condoms to coffee now being available via a subscription service, and this is only going to grow in the coming years.

online shopping

3. Augmented Reality

Window shopping is fun. Do you know what is even more fun though? Window shopping where you can take a photo of the display and get an instant 360-degree view of the product on a model and where you can purchase it from. This is just one way that augmented reality is revolutionising the digital world and this trend is only going to expand as the technology becomes more readily available and renowned.

4. Sketch

#haterswillsayitsphotoshop… or will they? There’s a new image editing app on the scene and word in the Klyp office is that it’s soon to take over long-term favourite, Photoshop. Traditionally, Photoshop has been the superior program, however as technology improves and people are less willing to pay the inflated fee to use it, alternative programs are sought after. Cue Sketch, a more cost effective, easy to use application that’s said to surpass Photoshop in popularity in the near future.

5. Drones

While we believe that flying a drone to Bunnings for a sausage is a bit excessive, we don’t think that the rise in drone popularity is. The Klyp team predicts that drones are the future and not just when it comes to videography or sausage delivery. The drone trend has the ability to revolutionise some industries, such as surveillance and security, lifesaving and delivery services. Drone technology is available and expanding at a very fast rate, the only thing holding it back is the red tape involved with flying them.

6. Drag and Drop App Development

Coding is cool, when you know how to do it. We’ve seen a trend towards drag and drop website creators such as Wix and Squarespace. But in 2017 we predict that this will spill over into app development too, with an emergence of easier to use programs to build apps with the drag and drop method rather than conventional coding.

7. Wearables

You’ve all heard of a FitBit or an Apple watch right? But have you heard about ‘Nuzzle’ a GPS tracker collar for your dog (shut up and take my money)? Wearables are the future of digital and while tracking the movements of your dog would be pretty damn cool, we are more impressed with the wearables that are providing a world changing service. We’ve seen some pretty incredible devices hitting the market, such as ones that store medical records in case of an emergency or that alert individuals of impeding natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes. These devices can be novelty or purposeful; either way they are becoming highly sought after across the globe.


8. 3D Printing

Do you remember the days when it took five minutes to print a single page, leaving you dissatisfied with your scrappy looking ink-stained page and a hunger for more efficient printing technology? And let me ask you this, why would you print a single page, when you can 3D print pretty much anything your heart desires? Traditionally 3D printing was something you saw on the television or in a TED talk, nowadays you can pick up a 3D printer for as little as $499 from Kogan, bringing the technology to every man and his dog. Don’t have a dog? You could always 3D print one!

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About the author:
Sofie is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Klyp. She has a passion for social media and loves to keep up to date with the latest social trends, whilst applying them to her work.